2018 prediction after Colorado State loss

I saw multiple things from that game last Saturday. One was how bad our Quarterback position really is. I don’t think Cole Kelley is our guy. If anything Ty should be our starter because he has kind of that Tyler Wilson vibe in him and can throw it down the field accurately. But moving on I also realized our defense is the exact same from last season. Colorado State scored on us too easy at times and it just looked like our defense was worn out. I think when we went up 27-9 our guys thought it was over and gave up. Overall, I think this team can turn it around under Ty. If he has himself another game like he had against Eastern Illinois then maybe these guys can turn our season around and get us to a bowl. I think we can beat North Texas, Vanderbilt, Tulsa, and maybe Ole miss and Missouri. I still trust CCM with this team. I think we shouldn’t lose hope yet because its a process its going to take some time.

Your support for your son is admirable Mr. Storey. While I will root for every QB who takes a snap for us this season, I am not convinced that Ty is accurate throwing downfield or anywhere else. Cole Kelly has both a stronger and more accurate arm than Ty, and proved last season that he can lead the team to come from behind wins. While the future QB is probably neither of the above, I believe that Cole gives us a better chance to win now, if he is properly utilized.

If we play first down football instead of touchdown football we won’t win another game. First down football (which executed well) couldn’t beat COST, so I doubt it beats anyone else.

Please please please Lose The Fear!

Gas by properly utilized, I mean letting Cole throw the ball downfield rather than sideways. Gonna need some of those first downs too, to keep our Defense from getting, pardon the pun, gassed. However, I’m not opposed to breaking some of those runs all the way. We need better blocking downfield and on the perimeter for that to happen though. No more HDN era two yard outs or CBB sllllooooowwww developing pass plays. Quick strike and fearless is something I think we could all get behind.

Right now Vandy is playing like they will beat Ole Miss, Mizou and TN. Vandy least likely of those listed. We can beat Ole Miss in Little Rock most likely, could be a basketball score. Only TN has a need that might be filled by one of our guys, no other team would either Ty or Cole threaten for minimal field time. It is kind of an important position. As much as Coach needs to win a few this year, he is being paid to make the decision as to when to pull the trigger and sell out for the future. Too bad it is recruiting and not drafting that awaits our filling our team needs.

The reason they relied on “ first down football” last week is because they don’t have competent QB play. Hard to go fast and lose the fear without a QB.

This would be a bowl team if we had a QB.

Neither one of the two quarterbacks has done anything to “win” the job during games and apparently during practice.

I’m beginning to think that someone is going to lose it, instead of win it.

If we do not move the chains we are going to get lit up on Saturday, North Texas has proven they can pass the ball, we have not. I think if we do not maintain possession, we will fall behind and from what I saw last week , we wont catch up. In week 1 vs East Ill, we played a FCS school d backs were easily overmatched, Ty Storey underthrew both those long td passes. Against better competition , those passes will be broken up. Maybe Ty just had a bad game throwing against CSU, but I am thinking that is why Cole Kelly beat him out last year and this year, and then Cole takes to long to throw. If we continue to go 3 and out, get the freshmen in there, start working on next year.

I wonder if we have the offense to get into too many track meet type games? certainly not right now.

I expect to see Storey start tomorrow only because he gets the plays off quicker and that’s the name of the game with CCM offense. I also see us coming out tomorrow with the full throttle and the attitude that if we are going to lose let’s do it going fast as advertised in the spring! WPS