2018 Football Schedule

Here is the 2018 football schedule (known dates in parenthesis):

H: Alabama, LSU, Ole Miss, Vanderbilt, Eastern Illinois (Sept. 1), North Texas (Sept. 15), Tulsa (Oct. 20)

A: Colorado State (Sept. 8), Auburn, Mississippi State, Missouri (Nov. 24)

N: Texas A&M (Sept. 22)

Since there is little reason to juggle the existing schedule unless TV gets involved, here’s what I think we get. The only variable would be the open date, but with Tulsa scheduled in late October, that cuts down on the permutations:

9-1, EIU
9-8, CSU
9-15 UNT
9-22 A&M
9-29 Open
10-6 Bama
10-13 OM
10-20 Tulsa
10-27 Auburn
11-3 Vandy (probably at WMS)
11-10 LSU
11-17 MSU
11-23 (Friday) Mizzou

Main possibility for change IMO would be flipping Auburn and Vandy. Vandy has an NC game on Sept. 29 already, so it would be problematic to drop that and put our game there.