2018 combo guard Sharone Wright talks recruiting and Hogs

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Excellent article. I hope we can get a visit. However, no matter what he says, I still think Clemson is the leader.

Sharone Sr. just said Arkansas will definitely get an official visit.

He and Oliver Miller are really good friends after playing three years together in Toronto.

He also played against Todd Day.


I take it Clemson is the team to beat with him? I know he said he isn’t a Clemson lock, but he does have strong connections there and seems to be the program he’s most familiar with.

Seems odd that he would not have an offer from So. Carolina… Are their other recruits ahead of him?

I would assume too. I have no idea what his father thinks of the Clemson coach. When you play on the college and NBA level you usually form strong a opinion on coaching styles.

If he indeed grows another 2-3 inches (6’8) and is able to maintain his guard-like abilities …What a astonishing SF he would make at the collegiate level.