2018 and 2019 classes

have a chance to be very strong classes for the Hogs.

Key reason for the 2018 class is obviously with Greenwood’s Connor Noland and LB Bumper Pool on board and recruiting others. Skill guys like to play with a QB that’s highly touted and Connor is that. Bumper being a highly rated defensive guy from Texas also helps in that state and gets the attention of highly recruited defenders elsewhere.

If Chevin Calloway does what I expect and signs with Arkansas that also helps in Texas and elsewhere.

Then if you add QB Grant Gunnell to the 2019 class that gives you another highly regarded QB that is well regarded obviously in Texas but also nationally. Grant is friends with several top prospects in Texas and that would instantly help with their interest. Then if S Brain Williams jumps on that gives you another nationally known recruit to help attract others.

Are Noland or Gunnell MLB prospects? I seem to recall one or the other might play baseball at Arkansas, too.

If so, is there any feel yet for how high he might get drafted the summer after his senior year? Recruiting football players who are really good baseball players always bothers me because of the chance they will be sign a contract and leave us a player short. I like the usual practice of signing only one QB a year, but if there is a strong chance either one will play pro baseball will the Hogs sign two?