2018-19 season review: Desi Sills

No one on the Arkansas roster, in my opinion, improved his stock entering 2019-20 more than Desi Sills did over the final month and a half of this season. An analysis of his freshman year: http://www.wholehogsports.com/news/2019 … esi-sills/

Good job Scottie with these reviews. I am not sure how many are reading these with thecciachingbsearch going on and not knowing who will be coming back next year.

I am semi congratulating myself here, but I had predicted that Sills will be a starter by January. It took a little bit longer than January, but it did happen.

I remember some questioned Mike offering him a scholarship when not many other major schools offered. But when one watched him at Jonesboro, you could tell he was Anderson type of player. Mentally tough and tenacious on defense and someone who could develop into a solid player, given the opportunity. I think Mike loves to take a player like Desi and develop him into a solid college basketball player. I think that is how Mike gets his kicks in coaching.

I suspect Desi will come back regardless of who the coach is. Look forward to watching him develop each year into a solid all around guard like a Clint McDaniel.

Makes me so sad for Mike that the next two to three years with this core group of Joe, Desi, Chaney, Jones, Ethan and Justice would have delivered big for him with addition of more talent along the way. But now I am hoping this group will still make us happy with another coach.

Thanks for that. I’d planned to begin the series the week after the season ended. I took last Monday to analyze each player’s shot chart and make notes then set out to begin on Tuesday. I ran the Jalen Harris review last Tuesday around noon, then quickly realized that afternoon the final eight would be overshadowed :lol: Keeping a shot chart for each guy was a tough project, but it was fun and this series has been fun to write, too.

Look forward to rest of the reviews.

One other stat I was curious on is number of deflections. I don’t know if other coaches do it, but Mike had an assistant keep up with number of deflections for each player by game. I wonder if you can get access to that.

[attachment=0]Screen Shot 2019-04-04 at 8.41.37 AM.png[/attachment]

These were the deflection numbers prior to the final game of the season.