2018-19 RECORD

What are the realistic predictions for the season, wins/losses? Would just like to see some input from fans that follow the program on a day to day bases and in the know. And what will the fan base be OK with. Thanks.

I think 5-7

Eastern Illinois W
Colo. State L
North Texas W
Auburn L
Bama L
Ole Miss W
Tulsa W
Vandy W
Miss State L
Missouri L

Hope we do better but this is my opinion at the moment

At this point, I think a five- or six-win regular season is going to be what most expect. In the first year under a new system, those mid-major games (at Colorado State and Tulsa at home) can be a little scary.

Can we truly expect a 5-win season though? Yes, I think we have more talent than CState, Tulsa, and Vandy, but the philosophy changes on both sides of the ball are night and day. I will take a 3-win season and be happy if we see a glimpse of promising days ahead.

I figure it’s going to be 5-7 or 6-6. I do not know much about the teams on the schedule. As to what fans expect, that’s always surprising to me. This was a 4-8 team. There were tons of injuries. It’s really difficult to know how things are going to play out at quarterback. Assume it’s going to be Cole Kelley.

I continue to believe we had way to many injuries to be competitive, I’m not talking just the season ending injuries but also the nagging type to key players plus trying to implement a new defensive scheme without top level coaches was our problem and not the lack of talent. Having said all that I think we have a chance to win seven games, I’m not predicting seven wins but a healthy team with new leadership hopefully will result in overall better team mindset and confidence. I’m not mixing up Kool Aid or blowing smoke but if the injuries and new schemes not working out were the major part of our problem then yes seven could be attained, however if injuries and schemes were not the prevailing problem and it was lack the of talent after all then a five win season should be expected more than likely. We can recover from injuries and poor coaching from coordinators quicker than the overall lack of talent one would hope. WPS

My nephew is enrolling at Colorado State this week (after serving in the Marines with time in Afghanistan), and he and my brother are excited to be taking in their first ever Razorback Game in Fort Collins this Fall. Surely, the Hogs will pull that one out just for them! :mrgreen:

I would be real skeptical about a win at Colorado State the second week of the season. Arkansas will be circled on their calendar since they will be hosting a Power 5 team at home. It’s a chance for them to make a statement. Tulsa at home won’t be easy, either. Probably 3-5 in the SEC would probably be about the best we could ask. That would assume winning against Vandy, Ole Miss and Missouri are winnable games. May not be. Missouri should never be taken for granted. If the Hogs can win at Missouri, then 6-6 might be possible. Obviously, it’s way too early for predictions but 4-8 to 6-6 seem probable. 7-5 would be a great year and 8-4 would be gigantic but unlikely.

and I would be more surprised by 5 than by 8.

I think our players are better than our performance last year. to quote coach Pelphrey:“we underperformed”.

Players had no energy, repeated 7 step drops with no OL protection, not utilizing our best players, etc.

So I expect significant improvement in scheme and player conditioning and player effort/attitude.

And surely we can have improved safety play…surely…

I’m planning on going to the Colorado State game, so I’ll personally pull us through that one, or at least irritate the crap out of some locals lol.

We have very good tight ends, good receivers, I like our QB and TB. 2 good LB, and good corners with the return of Pulley.

And we won’t have that many crucial injuries, will we???

Add it all up and I see 7-8 wins. I hope Vegas puts our season win total around 5, which would be reasonable, cuz I’ll lay some money on the over.

Just my $.02


I thought 7-5 before the new coaches were ever mentioned. We had more talent than to go 4-8 last year. I think with the new staff wins over A&M, Vandy & Ole Miss are possible. And win the non-conference games gives us 7. WPS

Oh, we got to please beat CSU! I will never live down a loss to the Rams. Been dreading that every since Last SC game. I just got back from there a few minutes ago.

I have not checked Rameys schedule, but it could be we get them after CU. If not, it is right before.

Yes, it is the week after the game against Colorado in Denver. Arkansas will be the Rams’ home opener, then CSU travels to Florida for the game that was contracted because Jim McElwain left, and he won’t even coach in it.

I say 8-4 and we beat someone big. Not sure who, but we will beat a top 20 team.

New scheme is tough to implement but most of the offense is coming back. The players should be excited about a clean coaching slate and the energy to perform will be higher with more experience thrown in. If the defense steps up a little and gets beyond embarrassing themselves with tackling principles, we can make a bowl. As a fan I want to see effort and toughness be part of the system and improvement as the season progresses… record be damned.


Amazing what competent coaching can do.