2018-19 Basketball Team

I am cautious in trying to evaluate a team based on pre-season schedule. The past experience tells us you don’t know what you got until you start conference play. This year the difference is the depth of talent. I don’t ever recall we had so much talent in one team and seems more developing week by week. Also, we see some maturity from the newcomers such as remaining calm and play under control when we are hit by a run, as we did last night when the lead was cut to seven. We passed the ball patiently, worked for a sure basket, rebounded well, and little nonsense turnovers. This is not going to be an indication that is going to work out this way all the time. We are going to see much better teams with better defenses, more size and strength. I believe strength of the conference is going to present a big challenge. If we continue to improve, indications are that we are capable to answering the challenge and surprise some people at the end.

Ah, just stop worrying about it…Sit back and enjoy this bunch of kids. They got a lot of talent and are fun to watch. When was the last time you saw a behind the back pass for a bucket from a Razorback team…WPS!!!

This team seems to be growing week by week with players getting healthy and getting more minutes. We have a good ten player rotation which is what we need in order to apply pressure on defense and push the ball on offense.
This Saturday’s game at home against WKU is an important non conference matchup which we should win at home, but WKU will not be intimidated by the atmosphere because they play regularly at Lexington & Loisuville.
Does anyone have any idea if or when Khalil Garland will play this season or ever and exactly what the medical risk actually is?

Go Hogs!

Well, I’ve bought in 100% plus, the attitude with this group of young men is so contagious. They say tomorrow’s WVU game will be a good test for these young hawgballers and I say it is a solid measuring stick for both programs, and that’s all I have to say about that…WPS!

the Mountaineers tomorrow afternoon. :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t think Garland is cleared to play in live practice or games. Since he has been on the roster for over a year while I hope he gets to play the harsh reality is he problem won’t ever get on the court.
He would fit right in with this talented young team. They will get better with each game. The two areas I hope they improve on the free throw line and in transition offense: There are times they don’t take care of the ball on the fast break.
I’m looking forward to conference play. Tomorrow’s game against Western Kentucky should be a pretty good game.
They have an inside presence that will challenge big Dan.

Better just look forward to Hill making his way to “the hill” early. He is a true PG and can be groomed even more so by Harris on ball distribution. We already know he can score.

One upgrade from last with no disrespect for Barford and Macon is the ability of 4 perimeter guys being capable of hitting the three. Defenders can’t lock down on one. Fun team to watch.

You should have said with no disrespect to Beard and CJ Jones.

On this year’s team, I can guess 3 of your 4, Joe, Jones and Keyshawn. Not sure who the fourth is. Macon-Barford combo cancels out Joe-Jones combo. Are the other 2 on this year’s team better than Beard and CJ?