2017 Real Deal Report (SUMMARY REPORT ADDED)

I’ll post my summary report like I always do on Sunday. Until then, I’ll update this thread from time to time.

Can’t wait. From the few internet snippets (props RD and Kevin McPherson) I am completely sold on Justice Hill at PG. QUICK and equally dangerous going left or right. Hope he graduates early with the 18 class.

Looking fwd to your reports.

Taking a break after a good morning of hoops.

The Hawks ran the Atlanta Celtics, a perennial powerhouse, out of the gym. 20 point win.

This game was much different than last night’s, although the Hawks started out with a 24-4. They turned them over the whole game with their press.

Isaiah Joe was the standout. Four or five threes. His shot is just so pure.

Justice Hill also stood out. He got to show off all of the weapons, including his extremely tight handle and blow-by skills. Multiple perfect assists.

More later.

Some adds:

  • Reggie Perry has been consistently great. After seeing him twice now, his average athleticism will probably keep him out of five star range IMO. I’ve always compared him to Dedric Lawson, a fantastic college basketball player who isn’t that quick or explosive, but is big, skilled, knows how to play and is very, very productive.
  • DJ Weaver is supposedly 80-85% healthy, coming off of an ACL injury last year. He’s still been good. I think coaches are bringing him along slowly but his skill level flashes for a 6’7 kid.
  • Desi Sills has been been uber-efficient so far. Quick, tough, strong, smart and has a complete game. I’ve said that he doesn’t do anything great offensively, but I’m edging on saying that he’s a great finisher at the rim. Mix of strength and craftiness.
  • Caleb Stokes put his perimeter shooting on display last game.
  • Isaiah Joe is a SNIPER. I’m biased for shooters. And, he is a high, high level one.

Through two games, Justice has 20 assists.

You read the Hill article by Richard, right. He’s taking classes right now t be in that position. He also tweeted that this would be his last grassroots season. Then, deleted it.

I think it’s a done deal.

Here’s my Friday Noght report. It didn’t post for some reason.

That team the Hawks played was terrible, so assessing the Hawks players based off of that game is tricky. For example, Henderson’s numbers looked great - 19 points - but all of them but one were off dunks.

I stood in the middle of the court between bleachers, right where the kids walked into the court. I’m 6’0 so I can gauge height well that’s close to mine. I’ll give Joe 6’3. Desi is 6’1. Justice hasn’t grown and I’ll continue to say that’ll affect his ranking - he’s 5’10-5’11. Reggie Perry has worked on his body. He’s built like his ranking. I think Caleb Stokes has actually put on a little more bad weight, which is unfortunate.

As for the play of the players, I was probably most happy with what I saw out of Joe and Hill. I’ve said before that I think it’s possible that Joe has the second most college-level upside of this class behind Perry. What I saw last night didnt discourage that theory. Need to see more to say it definitively, but the possibility is there. Another poster and I had a debate within the last 6 months on whether or not Hill is a true PG. I thought he was, he disagreed. Even though I felt strong in my position, I respect the poster so I watched Hill very closely last night in that regard. I became more convinced of my position. It’s clear to me.

More to come!

Thanks Ag. Always appreciate your insight. Anxious to hear your thoughts on Henderson. I was pleasantly surprised today. More athletic than I expected.

I have watched Perry a few times and though I admit he doesn’t possess elite vertical explosiveness, it’s his second jump that separates him from many. It’s his second jump quickness that helps him immensely on the offensive glass. In addition he has excellent agility for a kid his size.

I think the plan is to enroll in the Spring semester of 2018-19 season. That is what I hear from LR Christian folks.

Agree with that.

Do you think has makings of a prototype stretch 4?

Joe always looks tall to me, like he’s 6’4 or 6’5, I guess it’s because he’s so lanky. You get a chance to see them standing next to any current hog players? And I’m still amazed that Justice Hill isn’t ranked by any of the major services.

That was Dudley.

In fairness, we both automatically tweet out each other’s stories.

I think you guys underestimate Reggie’s athletic ability. I agree it’s not elite, but it’s pretty darn good.

His offensive skills are probably better than Bobby’s with the exception of the outside shot. When the opportunity presents itself, he can take his man off the dribble. That’s something Bobby couldn’t do as well. I would give the defensive edge to Bobby because of his length.

I think he has the makings of a stretch four. I love his versatility. He’s no plodder.

This, to me, is the most interesting/encouraging takeaway. Based on everything I’ve read and what clips I’ve seen, if/when he decides to enroll early, he could provide such a boost as a creator.

Isaiah’s shot is perfect. I, too, am always biased toward shooters.

Those 2 are maybe the least heralded commits from a national standpoint right now, but both have the potential to fill such valuable needs.

Great thread. Thanks for the tidbits.

I’d instead call him a modern 4. He can do everything.

New Tidbits from this evening:

  • The Hawks advanced in bracket play tonight with a somewhat lethargic win.
  • Isaiah Joe continued his tear. He’s drilled jumper after jumper today and they’ve rarely touched rim. Tonight, he showed off some nice penetration, too.
  • Justice Hill put his explosiveness more on display in tonight’s game. Multiple dunks on blow-bys. He’s struggled at the FT line throughout the tourney.
  • Reggie had a stinker in this one. He just looked tired. The whole team played a little disinterested at times. That will happen when you play all day.
  • I thought Ethan had his best game. He posted hard, finished well, played with high energy. He’s still pretty much a garbage guy, but he can give you good value if he plays hard consistently.

Matthew Hurt is very, very impressive. Mind-blowing that he’s a sophomore. Very deserving of that ranking.

More tomorrow. Looking forward to seeing some more of the Wings 16U team as well as Moses Moody, Chris Moore and Gerald Doakes.

Does he redshirt for that semester? Similar to what Hamidou Diallo did at Kentucky this year. TBH, wouldn’t be a bad option, he would basically get a head start for the 19-20 season without losing any eligibility. If he’s trying to come in and immediately play in the Spring, it’s hard for me to see him missing the entire summer and fall then coming in December and making the rotation. He would basically be coming in right before conference play, that’s a tough time to throw someone in the lineup, especially a freshman.