2017 Prediction after 1-1 start

I’m a believer in the coaching staff. I believe we have better talent, and speed than a year ago. We have a proven qb that has underperformed thus far, after having a great fall camp. Defense is improved, and will made a big leap forward over off week. The open date has come at the perfect time to correct the problems. I saw more positive than negatives vs TCU, and the negatives can be corrected. Team is hungry for wins; wants to win for the fans, and coaches. I’m going with a 10-2 regular season, with the only loss to Bama.

I’m not a believer in the rest of the SEC either. Schizophrenic. LSU looked terrible. So did the Chickens and Ole Miss and Misery. And I’m not sure how much of Moo U’s performance was them being good and how much was LSU stinking. We have a chance to do OK if we can get our act together. Question is, will we? I have no idea.

Agree with you, Swine. Think it’s going to be week-to-week. South Carolina was riding high after week one, but not so much after week two. I’m not with the we-can’t-beat-anyone-in-the-SEC crowd, but not quite with the 10-2 prediction, either. Somewhere in between if, as you say, we get our act together.



6-6 regular season
Bowl win v SMU in Birmingham = 7-6
National media laudes CBB and wonders why Arkansas fans are upset because they couldn’t get anyone better if they tried

5-7. I don’t think we win more than 2 SEC games.

Other than the Tide and MissSt this thing looks like it’s up for grabs, the first team that plays well and quits shooting themselves in the foot with penalties, missed kicks and turnovers can crawl up the Sec ladder it appears to me. Can we be one of those to climb the ladder? Sure, but will we? Who knows, but the first rung on that ladder has A&M on it for us, as the old cliche says"Take one game at a time". WPS

The defense has more speed for sure. The D has looked improved over last year despite the scheme change. Maybe as the season goes along they will be more aggressive and be able to use some press coverage. Preventing Kenny Hill and Turpin from running wild in the TCU game was impressive. The Dline will need to get a push for us to ever have a true pass rush. The blitzs and press coverage on outside receivers hopefully we will start seeing. Short yardage defense with linebackers crashing in needs to improve.

After watching other SEC teams play we are not that far off.

It will be on the offense to establish a true passing game to open up the box for the running game. If that can happen we will be able to sustain drives. Then the red zone.

I have hope the turn around will happen.
It starts with the Texas A&M game.
My early prediction was 9-3. Sticking too it.

My early prediction was also 9-3. And I’m sticking with it too.
We creme aTm Saturday. Book it.

I’m sticking with my 7-5 pre-season prediction. The make up of those 7 wins and 5 losses may be very different than I anticipated, but I still think I got it right.

I still remember several 1-1 and even 0-2 starts to the season where the hogs ended strong.

You are very intelligent
Good job!

Agree. Believe 5-7 is realistic for a run-first offense that cannot run the ball against a decent opponent, has receivers that cannot get separation from defenders, a QB that appears to be totally lost and out of rhythm, and special teams that are a liability. Defense is improved but still very much a work in process with very little quality depth. I’m just struggling to figure out how we get to 2 SEC wins. Missouri has absolutely no defense and hopefully we can win that pillow fight. Otherwise, it will be tough to register that second win. 4-8 seems like a very real possibility.


I think we get another rude awakening in dallas, unfortunately. I then think it will follow the trend.

Could see them winning or losing every SEC game other than Bama. By that logic, 3-5 or 4-4 is probably where I land right now.

Agree with this. And I think beating Missouri will depend on whether the team has not thrown in the towel.

I’m going to watch what our WR’s do in progress and how we use the TE’s. We can improve a lot if AA has receivers that he can throw quick passes to. Our oline has problems but they are compounded by extended protection times while AA is waiting for guys to get separation. If this shows improvement over the next few weeks we will be a better offense that holds the ball for extended drives…those drives keep our defense from getting fatigued in the 2nd half.

We smoke A&M Saturday.

I still think, as I did before the season, 8-4.

I think we will all see that TCU is better than we give them credit for and we just down right played a cruddy game against them.

TCU at Oklahoma State\t 2:30 pm\tESPN