2017 college football TV schedule


Doesn’t SEC Network, on-line, carry all SEC games, regardless of whether it is a conference matchup? I’m curious about who might carry the Arkansas-TCU game on-line as I’ll be where I can’t get a TV channel to watch it. My cable provider (Spectrum/Brighthouse) isn’t connected w/ CBS Sports or I’d use that.

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I was in a similar situation so I had Direct TV installed several years years ago. It cost but I have all the SEC games as well as the Golf Channel.
One thing to watch for in addition to the SEC network channel and the SEC alternate channel there were some games on an SEC network plus channel! I had to pay for that one to add it. They will also come up with ways to hit you in the back pocket.
I’m going to be able to get every game in all the Hogs sports that are on TV. When I can’t get to a game I’m watching! Period
I hope you get it figured out.

Thanks ArmyHog. I get SEC Network on my home TV with Spectrum/Brighthouse, including the alternate channel, so I’m good at home. But, I’ll be out of the country for the TCU game and want to watch it on my computer. I usually can watch games on SECnetwork.com or ESPNS3 while traveling, but this list doesn’t show those available for the TCU game. I’m just wondering whether or not SECnetwork.com carries every game, including the ones broadcast on CBS.

unless they have changed in the last year or two, you can watch the national broadcast on cbssports.com for the TCU game. I have begun many Hog CBS games online due to the local CBS station carrying a ACC or SEC 12:00 kickoff

pin that TV schedule please

I think your cable company has to have an agreement with CBSsports.com to stream a game and mine doesn’t. That’s why I’m hoping that SEC Network on-line will carry the TCU game. Right now, it is possible ESPN3 will also pick it up, but it isn’t listed on their schedule at this point. I can get ESPN3 while overseas too, just not CBSsports.com.

pin that TV schedule please
[/quote]It’s been listed in the FAQ’s at the top of the board for several years now.

It’s a CBS contracted game…pretty sure it will not be carried by ESPN.

As Wiz noted, there are Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) pinned atop every board on this site. Included in those topics are links to a couple of football schedules.

Take a minute to look at that thread and you might just some helpful information.

Well thank you


Well thank you