2017 & beyond

Just asking…
Do we really believe this will elevate us in 2017 & beyond???

These are the Scout SEC rankings…

1.\tAlabama\t 25\tSEC\t 4802\t\t4.00
3.\tGeorgia\t 20\tSEC\t 4149\t 4.00
6.\tTexas A&M\t27\tSEC\t 3518\t 3.33
7.\tLSU\t 20\tSEC\t 3304\t 3.65
8.\tAuburn\t 19\tSEC\t 3141\t 3.68
9.\tTennessee\t26\tSEC\t 3131\t 3.23
18.\tMississippi State\t22\tSEC\t 2321\t 3.23
19.\tSouth Carolina\t23\tSEC\t 2279\t 3.09
21.\tFlorida\t 15\tSEC\t 2185\t 3.40
24.\tArkansas\t 22\tSEC\t 2012\t 3.05
27.\tKentucky\t 22\tSEC\t 1859\t 2.95
40.\tMissouri\t 20\tSEC\t 1524\t 2.90
54.\tMississippi\t 13\tSEC\t 1241\t 3.08
68.\tVanderbilt\t 14\tSEC\t 858\t 2.79

Peronally, I believe CBB elevates his players, but believe we are TOO far down the pecking order to begin with…

We are #24 in the nation, BUT #10/14 in the SEC… Sad… :frowning:

I believe the 2016 guys - many who redshirted - will have more impact then the 2017 guys

Except for guys like Patton and Martin

I’ve said it before, I really like the speed of the skill guys and DBs in the 2017 class. I also like redshirt DL Briston Guidry and Jonathan Marshall. Guidry reminds me of Philon.

Marshall is a specimen with outstanding athleticism. Michael Taylor is one I’m also anxious to see in the spring.

I think the O-line will be a much better unit next season. I believe the offense will be better.

The D is the the big question because I think you’re hoping the young players can step up and play at a high level.

We don’t play our 2017 average recruiting ranking of high school football players vs. theirs; we play individual players. We put our best developed 11 on offense from 5 recruiting classes vs their best 11 on defense, and we put our best developed 11 on defense from 5 recruiting classes vs their best 11. Our goal is to develop and keep players for 4 to 5 years, so our best 30-40 players are better than or equal to what’s left over from their recruiting classes.

Not sure the point you may be trying to make?

Your point is well taken. While a super class can really help it is a collective effort.
I think our top players leaving early really hurt this team’s development. CBB has not been able, yet, to develop the kind of depth that can absorb those kind of losses. It is a factor that is not discussed enough on here. Philon, Henry, Williams, Collins, Kirkland, etc would have made a significant affect on the last two seasons. It takes time to collect that kind of depth, particularly for a non-elite program.

This coaching staff has yet to prove they can identify, recruit, sign, and develop SEC athletes on defense. Many have faith in the RS of 2016 class. There will (like always) with this head coach and staff a lot of coach speak in the spring about development. Also there will be a mirage image of certain players and how good they are. The same will happen in the summer. Don’t believe them, seeing is believing. Most practices are closed so where does this optimistic view come from? From seeing spring ball going against ourselves? The first 15 minutes of closed practices?

I think ill wait for the 2017 season to start.

Of course, that is what recruiting is all about. You WANT to get to the level that you only keep a player 3 years…the key is when you do lose one early, you have one that can step in and replace him…hence, CONSISTENTLY GREAT recruiting is what is required. An occasional 3 year guy means you still have a ways to go.

Gage, I’m with you. I’m not listening to the hype from spring ball. CBB fate rests with the 2017 season performance.

That is just the way it is. You don’t expect Tulsa to recruit as well as Arkansas so you shouldn’t expect Arkansas to recruit and play as well as Teams like Alabama, Georgia, and LSU. We never have and we never will. Just accept the fact that Arkansas will never compete with the top third of the SEC and you won’t be so disappointed. Just be happy with the fact that sometimes we may beat one of the top teams.

Absolutely -how can anyone make an assessment given practices are closed? Trust the coaches who told us the 2016 defensive line would play at a high level? Please.

Show me on the field in 2017

I understand what all of you are saying when you say you aren’t going to listen to the hype of spring ball, but the only true way to do that is to not watch any Arkansas sports on TV nor read any newspapers/magazines and to stay off the message boards. I personally am not willing to say that. I may be skeptical of the hype and want to see results when it counts, but in the meantime, I’m going to read all I can and hear all I can about the team. I think that’s what most fans will do.

Oh I’ll read it and watch it for news and notes - injuries, depth chart moves, etc.

As for all of the editorializing about how good this or that position will be, how improved the D will be due to the new schemes implemented by the D.C., etc -all will be taken with a 10lb. bag of salt.

Not buying anything anyone tries to sell me. Will wait to see coaches and players prove it.

You are one of the VERY few… Most ONLY hear that we will be competitive, win at least 10, and compete for the West when the recruiting stats not only suggest otherwise, they SCREAM otherwise… We can recruit with the western elite! NE & OK produce about the same # of D1’s as our state, but they recruit at a MUCH higher level. We BORDER TX & LA where there is so much talent, we could take what LSU, TX, and aTm don’t want and be a top notch team… CBB gotta “step it up”…

Who on here said Arkansas would win 10 and compete for the West title this year?

Not for me to go back…You can that yourself DD. On here, on Drive Time, on every media outlet based in AR you see, the predictions were for 10 wins…BCS Bowl… Win the West (or come in 2nd to Bama)!!!..
Now that the season is OVER, NO ONE PREDICTED 10 wins…NO ONE predicted challenging for the WEST… I like your analysis, but you are not on target on this one!

Here’s a PRE SEASON Post

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Postby Scotch Hog » Fri Aug 19, 2016 1:50 am
Please take all Hog pessimism back to the Scout forum website. This team will be special this year, despite some early injuries. The Hogs will beat Bama this year, and go 10-3 with a bowl win. Write that down “Still Greg Hog” and all other naysayers!
A day without the Hogs is like a day without Scotch! Woo Pig!

Thought you were talking about the staff - whose predictions were all in one place - and ranged from 7-9

http://www.wholehogsports.com/news/2016 … all-games/

Wow. I don’t recall anyone saying 10 wins. If so, I wasn’t aware of it. I said 8-4 from the very beginning. It’s probably on this board several times.

I also said I wasn’t sold on the team after the TCU victory even after a few national guys were saying this could be Arkansas’ breakout season.

My bad…the staff, for the most part, seems to be objective and realistic…of course, we’re all Hog fans, so that does have to enter into the picture…we all want our Hogs to do better than what is realistic…