2017 Baseball Preview Mailed Wednesday

I should have my copies for the office in my hands today. I am excited. Always am at the start of baseball season. Full practices begin Friday. I plan to be there. The last two weeks they have been individual skill sessions with four players at 20 minute periods and that’s it. Coaches are frustrated with that type of structure, but at least it’s something. I’ll post the General Preview that is in the magazine later today. I got my baseball tickets yesterday so that got my blood a little warmer on a cold day. I plan to write a James McCann feature later today. Interviews James for almost two hours earlier in the week.

Give us a full report on the practice, please. I’ll be at the track meet.

Are the practices open to the public and what time on Friday will they practice?

All practices are open to the public. Use the side gate at Gate B.

Practices usually start at about 2 o’clock.