2017-18 roster posted

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I like the upgrade in length on this team. Perhaps one of the taller teams in history. The 1994-95 championship team comes to mind with Darnell Robinson and Lee Wilson. This team is not as tall in the front court, but way taller on the wing…

I am very, very interested in the kind of lineups Mike can throw out there, because, like you said, the length on the wing is so much better with adding the 2017 class and figuring in a bigger role for C.J. Lot of positional versatility.

The size on the wing is ideal for the switching defense CMA likes to play. I remember the year in which Celtics won the NBA title with KG, Pierce and Allen, Atlanta Hawks swept Celtics 4-0 in the regular season. And the primary reason for that was Hawks forwards and guards led by Joe Johnson were interchangeable in guarding forwards and guards and gave Celtics offense fits.

Yup. They took them to 7 in a 1-8 playoff matchup one year, too.

Until I saw this article, I had not realized that we will have 6 seniors and no juniors. What I would like to see is four in each class, with two going pro (obviously in the first round) by their senior year.

This years team has experience and youth!
If this team plays defense and avoids foul trouble this could be a fun year. Agree with all of the comments about the length of this group. It seems we should be better on the boards on both ends of the floor and the lob by opponents should be contested.
As far as all of the seniors go on the team with no juniors it leaves us with experienced players next year and 6 more good young players that will have talent and will need experience to play a positive roll! This is the most talent we’ve had on the hill in a while. It’s time to see them play and support our coach and team!
I can hardly wait on the first game!
Until then it football!

There is a lot to like about that roster - length, versatility, defensive prowess, experience and an influx of talent.

Depth is still another quality that should make this team hard to handle. At least ten of the guys and possibly all 12 could contribute.

The 4 position could be stronger than we are giving it credit for, especially given the history of development between the first and second years in the program that this staff has achieved. Apply that expectation to Thomas, Cook and Jones. It also appears that most of us are expecting that we won’t see much of Gafford and Thompson on the court at the same time but instead will see them spelling one another. I disagree. Gafford and Thompson rebounding and Hall, Bailey, Barford, Jones, Beard, Garland and Macon sharing the guard/small forward positions and running the break should yield a pretty formidable lineup at both ends of the court. And hopefully Thomas and Cook will have improved their games sufficiently to provide enough rest to Gafford and Thompson. I don’t know enough about Osabouhien’s game to speculate, but he also could be a depth factor for the small forward position.

The guard positions should be a major strength. The play of Barford and Macon last year was solid. Jones’s pre-season play and reports of his play in this year’s preseason suggests that Hog fans are in for a treat from CJ. Beard is being looked to for leadership. Three of the four saw time at the point last year and should be ab le to repeat this season, supplemented by Garland who has expressed a desire to try his hand at the point. And stand by. Point guard play and leadership will abound in 2018 in the play of Jaylen Harris.

Finally, the length and athleticism on this team, along with the pledges and targets of the 2018 squad suggests that the move to “positionless” basketball is well underway.

Dog sightings are always a welcome development.