2017-18 Expectations

If all players return and all newcomers qualify … Are you expecting improvement on 26 wins and an 8 seed? Are you OK with taking a small step back to, say, 24 wins and an 11 seed? We have 6 seniors next season, so are you expecting next season to be a peak season?

Personally, I think we probably take a small step back … but certainly hope not. Would love to take even a step forward next season.

We had an above average center and guards and under average forwards. If next year we have an average center and forwards we will be the same. The guards need help - hope it’s coming.

Their nonconference schedule has the potential to have some heavy hitters depending on the draws in the Phil Knight Invitational. Add in the Minnesota game (they’re being talked about as a Top 25 team) and a deeper SEC and they can have a killer RPI assuming the rest of the nonconference schedule is similar to this year’s. I wouldn’t be shocked if the more difficult schedule is reflected in their record and they’re around 19-21 wins in the regular season. If they get to 24 again, then that’s probably a tremendous success.

I tend to think they’ll make the tourney, but I wouldn’t be just completely shocked if they didn’t. I do think that if they gel come March and the young guys progress, they could make some noise.

Not expecting it but would also be cool if we got to play West Virginia as part of the SEC - Big 12 Challenge. They had a home game and we had a road game this year. Would be sweet to be paired up with them and have two high-tempo pressing teams play each other.

Forgot about the challenge. Yeah, that would be a nice matchup. Could wind up playing 5 Top 25-caliber teams in nonconference.

Is Arkansas part of the SEC-Big 12 challenge next year? Only 10 of the 14 SEC teams get to play each year.

Won’t know for a few months.

The last few years it has been the top 10 teams in the SEC standings from the previous season playing in the SEC-Big 12 challenge.

That does not jive. South Carolina and Alabama finished in the Top 10 last season, but they were not in the challenge, whereas Auburn and Tennessee participated in the challenge despite not finishing in the Top 10.