2016 v 2015 Final Defensive Stats

Arkansas ranked 10th out of 14 in scoring defense - 30.8 ppg. Last year Arkansas allowed 27.4 ppg.

Arkansas ranked 14th out of 14 in rushing yards allowed per carry - 26.16. Last year Arkansas allowed 3.76 yards per carry. *** In conference games we actually allowed 7.13 yards per carry!!! ***

Arkansas ranked 14th out of 14 in passing yards per attempt - 7.8. Last year Arkansas allowed 8.2 yards per attempt.

Arkansas ranked 14th out of 14 in tackles for loss - 51, 4.25 per game. Last year Arkansas had 69 tackles for loss, 5.31 per game.

Arkansas was 13th out of 14 in opponent 4th down conversion - allowing 66.67% of 4th downs to be converted. Last year Arkansas allowed 45% to be converted.

I would say that I expect next years D to be worse but it’s literally almost Impossible to be any more terrible than that. Losing several starters but idk if that’s a bad thing or good thing considering the drop off we had bringing back 9 starters… sheeesh