2015 Offense

I keep reading posts, and hearing callers on the radio stating that CBB’s offensive philosophy doesn’t work in the SEC.

A quick reminder:

2015: 4 of 5 OL were CBB recruits. We had experience at receiver, TE, and good QB play.

2015 offense averaged more ypg than all Petrino teams, except the Mallet year (482 ypg).

466.5 ypg
268.2 passing
198.3 rushing

When CBB had the OL, his offense was a thing of beauty. Our offense could not be stopped.

His biggest failure has been developing the OL depth that’s essential for his philosophy to work.

When you struggle, some things are magnified more than what they should be.

Arkansas was No. 3 in total offense in 15 and averaged 35.9 points a game.

In 16 they were No. 8 in total offense and averaged 30.3 points. Still not bad considering the up and down season. I would put most of that on the D more so than the O.

2015 was a great offensive team, then Sam Pittman left, and we hired Kurt Anderson. Nothing else needs to be said. pretty obvious where the change was. This hire will end up costing Coach B his job.

It was the same during several of Houston’s years. And even Hatfield’s. Those offenses were very effective…but not “sexy.” Many fans don’t look at the numbers. The just like seeing an offense they perceive as “wide-open.” Never mind the fact that Eno’s actual schemes are very similar to Petrino’s.

And I am not convinced Bret is gone just yet. This board seems to have decided that he is. But if we manage to win 6…and maybe even 5…I say he gets another year.

Yep. He got too smart for his own good. Thought he could hire an assistant to a pro OL coach, a guy that could teach pro OL technique; that would improve our OL technique, and attract top OL recruits. Anderson may be able to teach individual technique, but he cannot build a cohesive top-tier OL unit.

Good post TVGHog.

How quickly people forget how potent our offense was just two years ago. I prefer a pro style offense over a spread offense any day. A good pro style is harder to defend than a wide open spread. Give me a defense and pro style offense any day.

Arkansas lost three linemen, Brandon Allen, Alex Collins and Hunter Henry off that offense, and players like Drew Morgan and Dan Skipper have left since. It hasn’t been able to replicate their production at almost any of the positions.