2012 Conference Expansion

I think the conference expansion in 2012 has had a lot to do with our coaching woes. We have lost to A&M every year since they joined. We have lost to Missouri every game except one. Coincidence? Maybe, but adding A&M was like adding Texas to the Western Division and Missouri hopped into the conference and went to Atlanta their first two years and pretty well have had their way with us. Those are two more L’s on the schedule every year and they just happen to be in our recruiting territories. Seems like every year there are several big time 4 or 5 star guys that we think we have only to be disappointed on signing day. Plus momentum busters with A&M being a few games into the season and Mizzou being the Big Thanksgiving Friday Game (lol). We have all been so busy pointing the finger at Jeff, Hunter, Bobby, John L, Bret and now Chad…I’m just taking a different angle.

Arkansas was going to play Texas A&M every year through 2018 regardless of whether it joined the conference.

I said from the get go, that A&M joining the SEC would hurt Arkansas. One of the biggest chips we had to play for Texas recruits is that they could stay relatively close to home and play in the SEC, now that’s gone.

I said the same thing General, was called stupid because aTm isn’t as important as Arkansas with Texas recruits.

Yes, that is what I was actually told

There are so many blue chip recruits in Texas. The biggest reasons we have lost to them is Bert and Chad are terrible coaches.

As someone who lived there when the expansion happened, that’s not true.

What’s not true? That the biggest reason Texas recruits came to Arkansas pre-expansion is because we were the only close SEC school? I don’t recall ever hearing that Clint Stoener. I challenge you to prove Arkansas beat Texas A&M for recruit (pre-expansion) just because we were in the SEC.

Or were you sayings it’s not true Bert and Chad are terrible coaches? Their records speak for themselves.

Other than Bert, Morris wasn’t the reason some didn’t come here. I’m talking about during the Nutt and Petrino years, that was a big chip we could use to get good players from Texas here.

Don’t think it has anything to do with our record. We should be beating Ole Miss, MSU, every year plus winning ALL our non conference games. I realize when we play ND next that will be difficult but Texas defense is almost as bad as ours. I realize that is saying a lot but Kansas scored 48 on them in Austin.

I don’t think HY will look at Norvell at Memphis is because he is from same conference that both Morris and Herman are from and they both have struggled!

Again, tell me one recruit during that time that came to Arkansas vs. Aggie-land because we were in the SEC.

That’s not what is being said here. Texas A&M joining the conference is what had an overall affect, not beating out A&M for a recruit. Some of the recruits may have gone to Texas, Ohio State, Bama or wherever. LSU and UA were the two schools closest to Texas. LSU normally gets most of their blue chips from Louisiana so we had a nice advantage going to a top recruit in Dallas or Tyler and telling them they could play in the SEC and most of the games would be a day trip to Fayetteville, Little Rock, Dallas and even Baton Rouge.

I disagree. What the general was saying is adding A&M to the conference hurt Arkansas because they could no longer claim being the closest SEC school. It’s incorrect because LSU was just as close and there’s not one situation presented where we lost a recruit to A&M because they were the closer SEC school. It’s an excuse and that’s all it is.