2010 was last year when Hog talent @ skill positions matched................

…or exceeded LSU’s. In 2010, we had a QB, tight end, running back, and four wide receivers who all later spent time in the NFL. Some are still there. On that field in Little Rock, LSU struggled to stay with our skill players, went for fakes and got left in the dust, our guys racing down the field with LSU defenders unable to close the gap. We had accurate deep passing, not always throwing behind the receivers like now. This past Saturday, sending O’Grady deep to try and use his bulk to block out the safety, letting him make the catch despite being closely covered, was our only “edge.” All of our other receivers, without exception, could not shake their defender whether corner, safety, or linebacker and required a perfect in stride throw to have a chance for a completion. There were very few of those. The passing inaccuracy that Ty showed in the spring game, when there was little rush, has not improved in real competition where he is frequently under a heavy rush. He just does not throw an accurate, catchable, ball, hardly ever. Even when Pettway was wide open in the endzone earlier this year and Ty was ten yards away, unrushed, he still threw behind him requiring a circus catch on his back for a TD.

The Hogs next year will reload with new personnel at almost every skill position. I’m assuming O’Grady and Boyd will be the only returning starters. JMVVVVHO.


2015 bunch of skill players was pretty salty

Allen - QB
Collins - TB
Morgan -WR
Hatcher- WR
Henry - TE
Sprinkle -TE

Two of those guys are very good NFL players and all others have spent time on NFL rosters. Think Sorinkle is still in the league.

They were good but the 2010 bunch was better. Henry may be better than Gragg and Collins may be better than Knile, but not by a lot. That bunch of wide receivers in 2010 was incredible.

Oh I agree - the last half of 2015 was the best offensive football played in Fayetteville since 2011 though. Brandon played as well as any QB has at Arkansas from the Tennessee Tech game on. The display he and Dak Prescott put on and the duel with Chad Kelly were offensive football played at an incredibly high level.

The 2015 team needed just a little more defense! The tripping call in the A&M game comes to mind. Is that the year we missed a field goal and an extra point against Bama? Is it also the game where we fumbled going into the end zone?
Hogs 13
Bama 14

That was actually the 14 team

Thanks Jackson.