2007 basketball coaching search

This search for a coach, any coach, who will take this job is now looking somewhat like the search for Stan Heath’s successor in 2007. Billy Gillispie was supposedly coming, then he wasn’t, going to Kentucky instead. Then the horrible fiasco of Dana Altman. A large number of fans thought he was a terrible choice, especially after losing out on Gillispie, and he didn’t even seem that enthusiastic about taking the job. So a day later, he quits and goes back to Creighton. Then we were really scrambling, days went by, search firms hired, and the result is John Pelphrey, South Alabama. Actually made Stan Heath’s tenure seem not so bad after all. Is this what we’re leading up to now in football? The scary part is that the basketball team, though stained with behind the scenes issues of academic problems, and drug problems, was in a whole lot better shape than the football program at this time. SEC basketball wasn’t that great overall then either, other than really Florida.

I said this a few days (I think) ago. 2007 basketball all over again.

Our basketball team is still trying to recover from that.

And you are right, the basketball program was in much better shape then than the football program is now.

At this point in time, especially using Gillispie, it is a good match. However, I’m holding out hope the hiring of Mike will end up being the comparable search and hire.

Mike replaced maybe the worst coach we’ve had in modern basketball times. Our next football coach will be replacing the actual worst Razorback football coach of all time (over 100 years), who owns the 2 worst seasons in our history. Mike didn’t bring us back to a top 20 team, but he left the basketball program light years better than he found it.

Please, let it be the latter for comparison.

I also remember after Pel’s first team started 12-1 and beat Texas and Oklahoma. we though t we’d have to fight to keep him. That changed when we started 0-7 in SEC play. Ya never know . Every coaching hire is a gamble. BTW Frank Broyles lost his first 6 games at Arkansas.

I tend to think its more in line with the actual hiring of Stan Heath.

Frank had Bill Self in his pocket when Nolan was removed. The Powers of the UofA refused to give the job to Self unless he went through the interview process like he was some up and comer. Self, at that time employed by Illinois, couldn’t/wouldn’t do that. So meddlers basically killed it. Then we get a Stan Heath, that had 1 year experience as a head coach, with someone elses team, who made a deep run in the tourney. The new media darlin’ and crowned up and comer. Plus you have to factor in that Heath was a minority. Yes I said it, I know its not comfortable to hear, but anyone that thinks race didn’t play a part in Heaths hire in the face of Nolans’ accusation is just hiding their head in the sand. And don’t put words into my mouth, I am not remotely saying his race played any part in his success or failure as coach at Arkansas. His talent and decisions did that. His race was only a factor in the optics of his hiring in my opine. It helped open the door considering the accusations against us. What he didn’t do on the other side is what showed him the door out. He just didn’t win enough. Following Nolan, we were spoiled to bigger things.

Anyways thus began the freefall of Razorback Basketball. Stans deep tourney run turned out to be more of the aberration than the norm and was soon shown the door out of Arkansas. At that point the fiasco truly gained unstoppable momentum.

Heath made two NCAATs, decided invite to one NIT, Pelphrey made one.

Anderson made 3 NCAAs and 2 NITs, 2 SECT Championship games, finished 2nd, 3rd and 4th in SEC, in his last 6 seasons had the 3rd most SEC wins and 2nd most road wins, had a SEC POY.

There were some non-tournament years since Nolan, but it was not a free fall like the football program the last three years.