20 wins in regular season haven't come very often

Hogs are close to a program rarity… 20 SEC wins in the regular season.

Arkansas has won 20+ regular season SEC games only 3 times since the conference expanded the schedule to 30 games in 1996:
1999 - 22-8
2019 - 20-10
2021 - 22-8

For comparison, there has been 1 19-win season (2004), and 7 18-win seasons (2006, '07, '10, '13, '17, '18, and '22).

For further historical comparison, the Hogs had 6 regular seasons in the SWC with a conference winning percentage of .67 or better (equivalent to 20-10): 1978, ‘79 (19-5), 86’, 87’, 89’, and '90.


Interesting stats. Thanks for taking time to pull this together and sharing. 20 wins in the SEC in baseball is indeed a major accomplishment. CWS level of play.


Seasons with 20+ regular season SEC wins by:
Florida - 9
LSU - 8
Vanderbilt - 5
South Carolina - 5
Alabama - 5
Mississippi State - 3
Georgia - 3
Ole Miss - 1
Tennessee - 1
Texas A&M - 1
Auburn - 1

I’m surprised Alabama & SC have as many as they do. I remember SC was very good in baseball, winning back to back national titles, about 10-15 years ago, but didn’t realize they’d had that many 20+ seasons. I’d sure like to get to 20 this year–and that’s likely–to move ahead of MSU & UGA.

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I had forgotten how good Alabama was under Jim Wells ("95-'09). All of their 20+ wins came under him, and they went to 3 CWS’s in that time. They were CWS runner ups in '97 and finished 3rd in '99.

South Carolina was really good under Ray Tanner. 4 of their 20+ win seasons were with him. In 3 straight years they were back-to-back CWS champs, then runners up.

The year that SC was CWS runner up (2012) is the year that Perry Costello screwed Arkansas out of making the final. SC was defeated by Zona in the final.


Bonus ZoneA.

I’m fairly confident one win in Nashville this week will assure a national seed, along with the mystical 20 SEC wins. A very good season right there. Quite marvelous with all the injuries to go with the tough schedule.

Yes, it has been a masterful job by the coaches and players. Winners.

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