20 minutes in, the SEC Preseason POY

Has one shot from the field
Two foul shots
Two rebounds

What’s the score?

He looks gassed.

Score is 44-31 hogs, 15:29 of second

He scored 10 points in the second half, so he wasn’t too awfully gassed. Finished with 12 points and 6 boards, had a couple of nice drives.

When I was watching him. he just seemed like he was moving in slow motion, like he had been sick or something. Just didn’t see the energy I am used to seeing. I could be wrong and it could just be the angles and situations I saw him in. I didn’t watch all of the game.

I watched the whole game from 100 feet away, just like I did the others before last night. What I can tell you is he’s drawing a double team quite often in the paint. He’s also hanging in the paint on defense and, as a result, seldom gets to participate in the break. What does that mean, his best opportunity for points is on 15 footers and put backs. His 12 last night were from put backs and slashing without ball.