#20 Memphis Head Coach, Mike Norvell's bio is impressive...................


I particularly like that his recruiting class was the top rated non-power 5 class.

I am hoping for him. Do not want Gus.

Hoping against hope for Norvell

Me too, but it’s time to board the Gus Bus. I do think Gus will have the leverage to insist on and get top level $$ for assistant coaches and analysts which is a very good thing.

I hate to break this to you, but Bret got more for his assistants than Gus will. Gus will want his pay high.

You may be right - but I doubt it. My guess is he’ll day I’m coming if you guys act like you are serious about competing.

I don’t think he is coming. If he wins today, and with all of Bama’s Injuries I expect it, he will beat GA again, then get in the playoffs. I know everyone has expectations of what he will do, but no way, if he’s in the playoffs, that he leaves prior to the last game. That puts him getting here in mid-Jan. I don’t think we wait that long. I think that’s why Bret was fired last night. I don’t think it’s Gus or Norvell (I’ve heard he has accepted a coaching position somewhere else).

Heck, last night it was a given Chip Kelley was going to UCLA, this morning it’s a “done deal” and he is headed to Gainesville. I heard a new name a few days ago, I mentioned it, don’t want to say who, but if it is this individual I don’t think many, if any, would complain.

Changed again… Chip to UCLA. I think Alabama wins and Gus is the coach here before the week is out.

We shall see… “fluid” is the word that defines the carousel!

Yes, you are correct, it’s very fluid.

Is it? Seems thing to me. I’m not saying he’s bad. In fact, he may end up being great for someone.

There just seem to be lots of unknowns for a guy who is sort of the “it” name right now in terms of up and comers.

I would take him over Malzahn.

Agree again

I agree,