‘20 GCT/Team South PG Zane Butler

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Gotta brag. This is my nephew. Works as hard as anyone I’ve ever seen. He’s putting up big numbers against some of the best teams in the state. He had 37 last night in an OT loss to West Memphis and Chris Moore on 60% shooting with 1 turnover in 36 mins. Moore had 25.

I love the quotes from Zane’s HC, GCT’s Jeff Guiot, who isn’t one to over exaggerate or pass out compliments like candy.

Guiot said:

"Pound for pound, there’s probably not a better player in the state. He’s had some games where he’s had to pass the ball to get other guys involved and he’s had some games he’s been able to shoot. We’ve seen a box-and-1 on him, we’ve seen the triangle-and-two on him and another kid on our team. They’ve thrown just about every defense you can throw at him and he’s handled it pretty well.”

Good stuff, RD.

Congrats Notorious. Must be in the bloodline, huh.

Yes. I take all the credit.

Congrats to him Adam! All except that GCT stuff. I’m still a Bulldog at heart! :slight_smile:

I can tell you West Memphis was very impressed with him.

Yes. It was pretty cool.

Well after the game, we were in the concourse, still stinging from an OT loss that should have been a win (led with less than 15 seconds left in both regulation and OT) and every single West Memphis player walked up to him to give him 5s/hugs. Game recognizes game, as the kids say.

It was pretty cool. Moore was frustrated all game with him going off and Moore was imploring his teammates to dig in and that he couldn’t believe they were letting one guy beat them.

West Memphis is a very defensive-minded team. I believe the most they had given up to 1 player in conference was 19 to Detrick Reeves Jr. of #1 5A Marion, one of Zane’s Team South AAU teammates.

They tried everything with Zane. Face-guarding, full court pressure, double teams, etc and he just kept coming at them— 37 points on 11-19 shooting, 5-8 3s, 10-11 FTs (he’s 90% on the year).

It was just a lot of fun but he has been tearing it up for awhile. Great kid. We are all very proud. Thanks for letting me brag.

Me too, Greg.

congrats, kid sounds like the type of player we need. is arkansas looking at him at all?

It’s obvious that you have reason to brag. Enjoy it!

They know about him. He’s getting some interest from smaller schools but not much.

At this point, his size is the issue. He was 5’11 160 at the combine. He posted a 38 inch verticle and one of the best agility drill times they have ever had and now he’s lighting up one of the toughest conferences in the state that includes Jonesboro, West Memphis, Marion and Nettleton.

As his coach said in the article, if he puts on weight and/or grows, that will be a “game changer” for him. Those quotes from the coach about there probably not being a better pound for pound player in the state, etc were big, because he’s not one to go overboard on this kind of stuff.

Doctors say he is going to grow and fill out, but you never know. He is in the gym nonstop and has a nutritionist.

I’ve seen him regularly tear up players with a lot more recruiting interest and I’ve seen some players that have been more hyped who aren’t the player he is.

But, I understand that. He’s undersized right now and that’s the first thing that people see. They think he’s probably just a gym rat who stands over in the corner and drains 3s and that’s not it at all.

This summer will be big for him, both in terms of growth and showing on the AAU Circuit that he’s a D1 player.

Adam, as a Paragould guy myself I’m really proud of his accomplishments. I know Josh has to be really excited to. experience this! Mom too!





does his team play anywhere near central arkansas. i would love to see him play. i know the coach at marion. basketball skills and smarts are what we need, not athletes that can jump and can’t hit the side of a barn. how tall was bobby hurley from duke. there have been 6 footers that have shined in college ball.

a name from the past, earnie degregorio i think from providence or st. bonaventure long long ago. was awesome and he wasn’t that tall if my memory doesn’t fail me too badly.

The closest they play to central Arkansas on the remaining schedule is at Searcy. They’ve played and beaten them twice but both good games. Searcy has Freddie Hicks (ASU) son and a transfer from Oklahoma who is pretty good.

The Marion coach knows all about Zane and is a big fan of his. Marion also has a lot of D1 talent this year. We are close with Detrick Reeves and his family. Detrick can be a P5 guy. Caesar has really improved and Boyce (the PG) is getting some looks.

My nephew just needs to keep doing what he is doing and get some luck in terms of just filling out a tad. People are starting to notice. Helps when you drop 37 on WMemphis on 60% shooting and do it in a variety of ways and turn the ball over once in 36 mins with the ball in your hands most of the time and the opponent switching defenses and defenders with no luck.

He’s just undersized-5 10 160. But he’s a junior and doctor says he’s he growing. If he does he will get looks because kid can go.

And, he’s a rarity in that he’s a defensive stopper, too. He begs to guard the team’s best player. Guarded Jonesboro’s Leach (IA St signee) a few weeks ago and made him work and he’s 6’5.

Awesome stuff. I’ve recently had some talks with your brother. In years of conversating on message boards, I never knew that was him. Man, he was an absolute beast of an athlete in high school. So talented. Good genes plus hard work. Hope to see Zane on the circuit in a few months.

My brother told me he had talked to you and that you had played against one another. I take credit for his sports accolades, too.

Great stuff! We need more basketball recruiting threads like this on the board.

My favorite example of how size isn’t everything is Devan Downey the great SC point guard that seemed to always hang about 30 pts and 6 assists on us. He was 5’9 and 170. I also remember we recruited him hard.

If nothing else, Mike needs to keep in mind how desperately we need scoring from our 2nd wave off the bench. Hope Zane gets a hard look from the Hogs.