20 games into the Sam Pittman era

And the Hogs are 10-10 (11-9, unofficially, when you properly count the 2020 Auburn game).

So, in December 2019, who predicted a .500 career record at this point?


Not I and not this quick to say the least, couldn’t be happier for CSP & staff and players. WPS

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Like many, I picked us to go 6-6 this year. It’s hard to describe how happy I am about this team and our coaches. So proud of all of them! Their toughness and never quit attitude has won us the kind of games that we always seemed to lose in recent years. Woo Damn Pig!!

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And we’ve probably NEVER had a stronger string of opponents for 20 games.


Bravo on that point!

Actually, we are right where I picked us to be, iif you accept the official narrative that we lost at Aubrun last year. For the record, I don’r. I predicted 3-7 for Sam’s first year and 7-5 for this season. Now if we can just take care of Missoura, my expectations will have been exceeded. Beating Bummer would just be the bonus to beat all bonuses.

Eagle, you are smarter than the rest of us :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


The record is 1 point of interest. The most important thing I wanted to see was a tough team that played with heart and fought to the bitter end of games! That’s what we have. 1 blow out loss this season to Georgia and 2 losses in coin flip games to Ole Miss and Auburn.
I’m proud of the way they fight.


No, just hopelessly optmistic. LOL!

Of course comparisons are subjective, but I think it’s fair to say the last 20 Hog games have been the toughest 20 game stretch in the history of the program.

I would think the only programs that could make a similar claim are also in the SEC West.

the schedule been incredibly tough. The record is even better than the numbers when one considers who we’ve played. However, there is another difference between Pittman’s teams and those of the last two coaches we’ve had. They’ve been very competitive in their losses. Other than Bama, our worst ones were to UGA this year and last. We haven’t been blown out. Even poor teams did that to us in 2018 & 2019. This year we have beaten some good teams decisively. True, we’ve had some nail biters, but we were in a position to win. That’s refreshing


The rent a win days are over! There are several games in the last 20 the hogs could of and should of won! The refs played pivotal roles in at least 3 of those games.

Florida rolled us up pretty good last year but I feel ya.

I think our play calling needs to improve alot

man, Mullen was so obnoxious last year, ran up the score was gleefully unapologetic afterward. Makes is sooooooo sweet to watch his season. I feel about him, about the way Clay discussed him on the morning show this week, lol


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