Kirby Smart got to the National champioship game in 2 years at Georgia.What should we expect from our new coach and his assistants in the next 2 years?

Georgia was already good when he took over. As for what we should expect… idk it’s too early to tell.

I don’t know what to expect, but definitely not what was experienced at Georgia. Mark Richt had built a strong program and recruited well for years, especially on the defensive line and at linebacker. Kirby Smart walked into a defensive-minded coach’s dream scenario.

Georgia has access to more elite talent every year within a 120 mile radius than we have had since Arkansas became a state.

And Kirby didn’t exactly inherit a program without elite talent, or a dumpster fire. It’s one of the all time great programs.

I think if Morris walked into that situation he may very well play for a title in year two.

Considering how Arkansas has not played for a national title since integration, I think we cannot possibly expect Morris to be in a title game in 24 months.

I do expect to coach up what we have quickly, and beginning next year make far greater strides improving talent levels on the roster.

I personally think he is going to surprise a lot of people and turn us around fairly quickly.

But I can’t believe we are going to be stacked with Georgia like elite athletes two deep in 24 months.

And they are in one of the best recruiting locations in America. It’s difficult for them to not have a top-10 caliber class every year.

watching those 2 teams last night was depressing. we are so far away from either of those teams. studs everywhere, speed everywhere, size everywhere. and depth abundant. we gotta a long long long way to go to compete with those teams. maybe in year 4 with excellent recruiting and coaching.

It’s a lot like NASCAR. Of the forty cars on the track, how many of them really have a chance of winning? Then how many of them really have a chance of winning whatever Cup they are calling it these days?

About 10 cars except in plate races, and perhaps five for the 5-7 for the cup.

Now, staying with the NASCAR theme, who would have thought a single car team (they did add another this yr) from of all places, Denver would not only win the cup, but would dominate the whole season? that team set out to win a few years back and did everything required to compete with the “Big Boys”. It can be done, if enough right is pur into it.

Agree with this ^^^ …except for the last sentence. Gonna take a lot longer than 4 years to have that kind of talent

It’s comical to expect anything like UGA’s turnaround.

Comical is being way too kind.

Georgia is in the SEC East. That’s a better path than what Arkansas has right now. Of course, I think the SEC East might be getting better. Never know when your cycle hits. I just don’t have a feel for number of years to compete for a national title. That is sure the goal, though.

I’m optimistic that we will see improvement, but I’m not expecting a miracle. We need not set unreasonable expectations because it will bring on disappointment and negativity quickly, new regime needs patience by the fans first and foremost! Better days are coming, WPS

I would hope we could be playing in the Sugar Bowl by year three and progress from there. It might depend on how many families move to Tuscaloosa with new jobs paying in the high six digits.