2 things

Another loss it looks like. Double figure loss at that.

2 things I have read recently that bother me. First was Portis,difference between pro ball and playing at Arkansas. To paraphrase. We never ran plays at Arkansas. He wasn’t slamming Anderson but just noting a difference. I can find exact quote if disputed but that was the gist. Watching this game I heard Davis hollering out sets for them to run. Interview w one of our players he said what do you hear most from Anderson. I want dogs not puppies. Something like that.

The second came from Anderson himself I think. In practice I usually play no blood no foul. Maybe that is why our defense is lacking at times. Not sure I wouldn’t have officials at most every practice to learn to play defense more like it will be called in a game.

Texas tech a week from today. Gonna be a longer year. Hopefully we can beat Missouri in between.

There was an NBA coach or scout (can’t remember which) who commented that Portis was behind in development beacause of style of play at Arkansas.

The bit about not calling fouls in practice caught my attention as well, for the reason you provided.

I suppose it could be that Anderson is still trying to play the early 1990’s basketball. If so, with all the rule changes, that will not win many games.

Go back and watch the Duke Arkansas Championship game. The game was not unorganized chaos. Look at the floor spacing, the ball being moved with passes and how the post play and perimeter play complemented one another. Arkansas defenders were not out of position with their feet, and they defended the man without the ball. I love to watch the 94 team come down the floor in transition with a man always coming through the lane in the transition and wing men swing the floor. The inside men knew how to position for the ball feed from the outside. It would work today just as it did then but I do not see these same fundamental in Mike Anderson coached teams.

I’ve posted before…that teams that play sound fundamental basketball with good guards will beat us a majority of the time. I haven’t seen anything with this team to change my mind. To play Anderson’s free lance uptempo style of ball, we need superior athletes and so far we don’t have enough.

What really is CMA’s style? We don’t press or play in your face defense anymore, and there is a total lack of sound defensive fundamentals. We don’t run any kind of half court offensive plays. We can’t get the ball inside to Gafford. We pass the ball around and burn shot clock, and then throw up a bad shot before the buzzer. We can’t run full court because we can’t rebound. And on top of all of that, we seldom play with any intensity at either end of the court. That’s all on CMA. Is there any reason to think it’s going to improve? I so wanted Mike to be the man, but he isn’t.

Well doesn’t the team that plays good fundamental basketball with good guards beat most teams?

Not many play calls going on in this KY. AU game. These guys are jacking it up! Love it!