2 things clear

  1. This Jerry world game sucks. Over priced. Aggie home game. Belongs with the Dodo. Hate it.

  2. This team will rally and make us proud next week. The guts of this team are strong. Cannot wait to see them at DWR next Saturday.


Agree, we need to move these games back to home fields. Tired of this game being in “neutral” field.

Hate we missed this opportunity, we will probably not routinely be a better team than the Aggies, we were this year, and I don’t see us having better talent than them. Our experienced offensive line and superior Quarterback were our edge this year, unfortunately we made enough mistakes and gave up too many plays on defense to leverage our advantages.



today’s game kinda typifies the last decade of playing them. how many OT losses, Dan Skipper penalty losses, today’s crazy 13-point play for the aggies and our all-america center muffs a snap and our kicker misses one.

these types of losses are just hard to swallow. and to make it worse, we may have just revived A&M’s season for them.



What’s clear is losing like 9! of 10 is not good.

Like why are we in this conference not good

The only neutral site game I want us in is a high end bowl, CFP or first weekend playing a marquee team out of conference.

63+k at Jerry’s world. Either Fayetteville or College Station would have had more fans. I agree with Hog Dr. Play all games at home other than those he listed. Home is supposed to be an advantage!

It is not an A&M home game. I’ve been there several times and it always virtually a 50-50 split in fans. It’s hard to see the upper deck from the press box, but it looked to me like there might have been more Razorback fans there last night.


There were more Razorback fans there last night, and until the fumble and Aggie touchdown, we were making way more noise. The Aggie crowd always sits on the side that faces the camera, so if you’re just watching on tv that’s pretty much all you see

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