2 things are inevitable when AR loses

  1. fans question the style of play and wonder why a senior laden team is struggling. The coach’s abilities are called into question and the hearts of the players are questioned as well.

  2. Dudley Dawson defends the Razorbacks poor performance by highlighting the fact that other teams are struggling as well, even though said other teams have beat us already and most likely will go far in the tournament; the fact that AR hasn’t gone far and doesn’t measure up doesn’t matter, it’s the easy defense.

Both sides are equally unfair in my opinion. Coach A knows more about basketball than all of us will ever know. Even if his team doesn’t win another game, he still knows… and those players put the work in and sacrifice daily for the game. Their hearts are just fine.

Moderators should give room for posters to question things however, without ridiculous comparisons and comebacks to those criticizing.

Oh, there’s one other inevitable thing: this team will gone a run and win games they probably shouldn’t and all will be ok… until another loss happens… then, it’s deja vu.


I’m not certain I understand why Dudley’s (or any other moderator’s) opinion s not wanted/needed? I thought opinions were welcomed.

Others have recently asked why our insiders don’t post more.

It’s sometimes comical.

They lost. Deserved to lose.

Did not rebound well enough, didn’t play with poise down the stretch at Mississippi State, should have won.

Didn’t play well in many areas at Auburn - who I think is pretty good.

I don’t think Arkansas fans were or are giving Auburn enough credit.

Hence my line about the 1-13 instead of 13-1.

I don’t believe I posted after the MSU loss. Or the NC one. Or the Houston one.

Or after some wins.

Jimmy was the basketball guy, Scottie is now. So I post after some games, don’t after others.

Rarely go to PCs now.

More of my work is turning to the recruiting/magazine/message board side of things now

So I’m going to call a foul on my response after loses or wins being inevitable

All that being said, I will re-evaluate my style

With all due respect to the new guy, I hope you continue to post and post often on this board. It’s no secret you are close to Mike, I don’t know if that affects your opinions or note. But, you’ve been close to Arkansas Basketball since before these young writers were born. I appreciate all the new stuff we get Scottie, but the HI guys are the reason I stuck with this subscription.

I’m not sure there is a bad team in the SEC this year. All 14 are pretty good. I expect EVERY game in the SEC to be a battle, whether at home or on the road. Texas A&M may be the best team in the SEC and they are 0-3 right now. I thought maybe LSU would be a little weaker, maybe Vandy… but both are clearly able to beat anyone in the SEC. Auburn will have games where they don’t shoot over 50% from 3 to begin games, and when that happens they will likely lose. I think Arkansas is as good as we’ve been in a long time, but I expect us to lose a home game or two. How many road games can we win?