2 number ones

That is a coaching blunder.

Agreed. Either one of them has to be removed from the punt return team or somebody has to change numbers.

That’s just bone headed and unexcusable!

I noticed it once during the Bielema regime but the refs missed it. This time they noticed. You wonder how often it happens all over that the refs miss. When you have more than 100 dressed out, duplicate numbers are unavoidable, but you’d think someone would bring that up in a special teams meeting.

no excuse for that you go over all your special team before the game but maybe that’s just huigh school :shock: :shock:

I bet Calloway got left in for Greenlaw.

Possible. Chuck didn’t mention Greenlaw’s injury, or if he did I missed it, and my dad had to tell me about it.

Scary injury because of his history and his value. Totally non contact. Could be anything from tweaking an ankle or hamstring to an acl to an Achilles. Worries me that it may be his foot again.