2 new basketball recruit names that popped up.

O.K., since you and Blu seem to agree what we need, I’ll ask both of you a question. Why do you want these other two that you’re arguing about when they are another version of Phillips and Chaney?

As for Gafford, Gafford needs a big, watch when he played aTm last year. Williams blocked him a few times because Gafford didn’t have any up and under or quick spin moves. That’s from him just simply being taller and longer in practice. Being against Cooper would force him to learn some of those quick moves around the basket. Guarding Cooper on the outside would also allow him to learn to move his feet better on the defense.

You’ve changed subjects here. When I first quoted you, I was referring to the post where you had Henderson listed as a 4 and you said we didn’t have any 5’s other than Gafford. I simply said that Henderson would play the 5 in this system. Guys that are the SF make usually play the 4 in CMA’s system and I listed all those examples. Guys that are typically labeled PF/C coming out of high school primarily play the 5 in CMA’s system. That’s not my opinion, that’s a fact, whether we like it or not, you can look at past lineups that he’s used to verify that. Portis is a PF/4 in the NBA played nearly all his minutes as 5 here. Heck, the reason a lot of people said Hunter Mickelson transferred out is because he wanted to be a stretch 3 or 4 and CMA played him at 5.

Now to address what you’re saying about Cooper compared to the other new names that popped up. I don’t know about you, but other than a few highlight tapes, I don’t know anything about any of them. I’ll trust that the staff knows more than me about these guys. If they feel one of these guys are a better player, then i’m all for that I don’t care if they are 6’8 or 7’8. If Gafford lets the height of his teammates next year get in the way of his development, then the NBA may not be for him. He just needs to continue to work hard and listen to his coaches, he does that he’ll be fine no matter what height the rest of his teammates are.

A few things I think you’re wrong about. The SF playing PF in Mike’s system isn’t exactly correct. It’s not Mike’s system, it’s that we didn’t have those type players on the roster. Now, you mentioned Bailey, do you really think Bailey is a SF? Size wise, yes, skills wise no. That’s why he’s playing “out of position.” Now, you said you stated facts, I disagree with your “facts” being part of Mike’s system, it’s more of needs.

That’s what I’m getting at, this year we have a “true” PG, CG’s, and SG’s. We finally have “true” SF’s, and we have a real PF, and a guy who can play the “stretch” PF you mentioned. As for Henderson, as I’ve said he’s the least talked about guy of all our incoming guys, I’m not convinced he will be a C in “Mike’s system.” If he is, it’s because it’ll be a “need” not because that’s where Mike wants to play him because it’s just “his system.” What we need is another C. Cooper is much closer to that than Henderson.

Now, as for Gafford, believe what you want, but if you don’t have anyone to challenge you in practice, you won’t improve as much as you think.

I hear coopers height is questionable as well he may be 6’8 actually but idk if you have heard about the forward grad transfer from North Carolina A&T he’s 6’8 too but he can play center as well as shoot the three… To me that’s what really lack a 4 who can shoot the three. And as far as Cooper goes overall I just really don’t like his film more than the other prospects we are said to be recruiting I could be wrong but numbers wise and film wise Cooper reminds me of Arlando Cook who was a double double guy in Juco and highly recruited but his game didn’t transition well to this level

What did I say that was not factual correct? You’re going off “what if” scenarios. I don’t argue about “what ifs” I go off of what has actually happened. Can you name a guy that was listed by on all recruiting services as a PF/Center that was 6’8 or taller and primarily played at the 4 spot for Mike Anderson at Arkansas? CMA will put Henderson at at the 5, that’s all I’m trying to tell you. We can agree to disagree on that, but when the staff compares the kid to Gafford and the kid himself compares himself to Gafford, it shouldn’t be an argument on where his projected position will be. But, everyone is welcome to their opinion.

And as far as what you’re saying about Gafford, we’ll agree to disagree there as well. Cooper is listed in some places as 6’8 some places 6’9, Henderson is listed some places as 6’8 some places as 6’9. So how you’ve come up with the conclusion that Cooper (who all you’ve seen is a few highlight tapes of and only known about for 2 weeks) will somehow better prepare Gafford for the NBA and SEC play is beyond me, especially considering one is unranked and the other is a top 100 recruit.

I question everyone’s height until they’re measured at AR. But as for Cooper, to me he looks nothing like Cook film wise. I actually think he looks better. The two guys Blu posted and asked about to begin this thread, I looked up the first (that you said was a 3) didn’t look 6’8, there was a couple times he went inside and looked smaller than the two guys inside, and the guy he went around to get there looked like he was the same height. I thought maybe closer to 6’6. The second guy reminded me of Cook.


Here’s another new name.
http://njcaa.org/sports/mbkb/2017-18/di … ericks8xmf

First team JUCO All-American. Went to the same school as Barford.

Edit: Also, rivals is reporting he’s visiting as well, appears to be between us and Cincinnati. https://n.rivals.com/content/prospects/ … cks-218655