2 more Texas teams, 1 in Jerry World, expectations, recruiting

TSU is good enough to hang around if we play like crap. We should not have a problem with playing like crap and expect that the team is evangelized after this win. We should get some scoring early to a comfortable lead and get back ups some playing time. We really need to get the back up LB’s and Secondary players a lot of snaps, so that we can develop a rotation. The Oline needs to keep playing as a unit so they can gel, but eventually need to play some back ups. We need a solid win and development, because we are going to get our biggest test to date against A&M.

A&M is good enough on the front 4 on defense to whip our Oline badly. We need our Oline to grow up against TSU. AA needs to hit a comfort level against TSU so that he can expand the offense.

I forgot to add that recruiting was impacted beautifully by TCU. TSU will help keep up the visibility in Texas. A win over A&M could propel recruiting for the next 2-3 years. I think the recruiting impact is going to be felt next year, since this class is pretty full. I think we flip some star players for the last few open slots. We will need to watch AU vs A&M this weekend to see if A&M is for real.

The critics of our time spent in Texas don’t understand the impact it has on recruiting

Giving up WMS game to remain at Jerry’s World is a win win for our program …we just have to have more exposure and Bret gets it

Being BB doesn’t hurt either

TSU is another spread team, I think it’s gonna be closer than you think. I think we will have some guys looking ahead at aTm. TSU will want to PROVE something. Hopefully we do pull away, but man, anytime we play a spread O I get nervous