2 more nonconference games on Hogs' schedule

Arkansas basketball will host Northern Iowa in November and play Hofstra in December. Here is more on those games:

The return of Baybe Iyiola.

Sure wish we were playing a few more marquee games, preferably in Vegas. I see Bama is playing Gonzaga. Wish that was us. I would love a shot at the Zags.

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Because of the covid year it’s still a little difficult to get a grasp on Musselman’s scheduling strategy, but I think it’s something like this:

• 4-5 games vs. name-brand teams
• 3-5 games vs. mid majors that should perform well in their conference and boost NET ranking
• 3-4 games that are guaranteed wins

Musselman inherited some of these agreements, like the Hall of Fame Classic and the 2022 Maui Invitational.


I like this schedule. We’ve actually got the potential for 3 marquee games:

  1. If we both win our first games (we should), the Ilini game will be a marquee game in KC.
  2. If OK starts off like they did last season, that could be a marquee game in Tulsa.
  3. The West VA game has a great chance to be a marquee game in Fayetteville.
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I’m planning to attend that. I wish they’d announce when the tickets will go on sale. I guess maybe they are waiting to see if Delta will ease some in the next couple months to decide on full capacity seating or not?