2 in top 30

can’t hurt Coach Pittman’s recruiting pitch or Coach Davis’ that attending Arkansas will get you into the NFL as a 1st round pick and proves that Sam still knows a lineman when he sees ones…even if they played for him at Georgia…

That’s pretty impressive! The Oline should improve a whole lot in the next 2 years! It will be like a breathe of fresh air to see true rum blocking again.

Definitely be in his recruiting pitch – along with the all the others like Frank Ragnow who have played in the league.

I love the big guys up front. That is how games are won. Sam knows that and knows how to do it.

I wish they would do a graphic with all of his draft picks. I saw one last night of his first rounders, he now has 7 total, 6 in the last 8 drafts. I’d like to know his total number of lineman drafted though.

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