2 Hogs Vault to Top in SEC

Austin Allen and Rawleigh Williams lead the SEC in QB rating and rushing. Williams topped the 1200 yard mark and AA has a 148.4 QB rating.

http://www.espn.com/college-football/co … conference

Another interesting stat of note…Missouri is leading the SEC in total offense.

http://www.espn.com/ncf/conferences/sta … /2016/id/8

MO is also last in total defense, last in rush defense and 12th of 14 in pass defense. We are 10th, 10th and 8th in those areas to give you AB idea just how bad the MO defense has been.

Two very big returning weapons for 2017. As long as Enos is calling plays, our offense should be near the top of the SEC next year.


Good numbers for AA and RW, most especially considering they didn’t get to play against Arkansas’ defense like the rest of the SEC.

The Bama offensive players never had to play against Bama’s defense.


Those numbers should go up this week. Missouri will give up some plays to both of those guys.

One of the best things those guys have done all year is be ready for the next play. Of course, Rawleigh has a capable backup who gives him rest. Austin hasn’t really missed much, either. Staying healthy is one of the big ways you lead the conference in any category.