2 football transfers who were national top 100 guys out of HS

Suspect that has never happened before here

I’ve always thought the transfer portal helps us as much as any team.

Portal definitely helps. Credit the staff too in being able to get the guys to buy in.

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Being down to earth and also those guys were able to see the success that Ridgeway and the other transfers had this season for the hogs.
The portal can help a lot. It’s not the long term solution I’m my option you have to develop talent in any sport or business. Coach, teach and train.
With hogs football the walk in’s are important as well! You find a players that’s willing to put in the work and they can grow up and develop and be late bloomer.

Would definitely think new transfer rules help Arkansas more that others… only because the “others” we compete against stockpile so much talent in each recruiting class. Once recruits realize they are just just a number and that Arkansas isn’t much different and they can get on the field quicker, the talent spreads around and evens out a bit. At least I hope that’s the way it works.

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