2 days left to enter the portal

My thought is no one else from last year’s roster will be entering the portal (or they would have already) … I certainly can’t see Coach Muss asking Devo, Jaxson or Kamani to give up their scholarship here at the 11th hour to make room for JWill or another transfer

So which one of these scenarios is the most likely to happen …

  1. At least one of the transfers doesn’t make it to campus
  2. At least one of the freshmen is asked to “grayshirt”
  3. JWill goes pro
  4. Kamani “transitions” from player to employee

… or is there yet another option?


Probably #3, unfortunately

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I think J Will is gone.

Why do you think that? It’s quite interesting to me that he[apparently] hasn’t hired an agent. Still, he’s playing this like a slick cool cat. Impressive.

Because we are one over with him and nobody has left. I think he’s told Muss that he’s out.

He’s obviously holding out for maximum NIL $ and in the interim weighing all options. And absorbing the attention and drama. He’s 20 right?

I haven’t seen him cause any drama or seek attention. He’s going through the nba process like many others.

May 1st Is the last day to enter the portal and nobody left on the team has entered. This tells me J Will is gone.

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I just don’t get it. I’ve looked at EVERY mock draft I can find, and JWill isn’t a first round pick on ANY of them.

Surely, he’s coming back. He’s got a legit shot at All-American and lottery pick next year. Gonna break a lot of hearts if he leaves now.


Completely agree.

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I thought Wade was leaving. Doesn’t he count in this equation?

Wade IS leaving, Fred. He’s trying to make an NFL roster. I wouldn’t bet against him either.

Still a couple of days left. So no one is really sure about JWill yet. From everything I’ve seen and heard, JWill is a stand up guy. He won’t leave Arkansas or CEM guessing. I’m betting if he was really gone, he would have said so publicly already. I bet One of the other guys will be asked to grey shirt for at least a semester. The numbers always work out.

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I didn’t say he was creating drama- I said absorbing, or enjoying.

If JWill returns next season, the twins are leaving and going elsewhere. That’s the word now.

If twins leave, then we’re one under scholie limit. JWill returning completes roster, so I doubt staff is looking to add anyone else.

I’ve been saying this ever since we signed Jalen Graham. Most on here said it was not going to happen, including Richard. Muss went really hard after Graham the day he entered the portal and got a quick commitment. That had to at least cause some pause with the Mitchell twins.

One thing I hadn’t thought about until recently, is I haven’t seen anything about them removing their names from the NBA draft. Maybe that’s still possible and they’ll leave their name in and sign as free agents if not drafted (almost a given). Or play G-League or overseas?

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If my math is correct, both twins leaving takes us from 14 to 12 - including JWill - giving us another scholarship to use for a ________ (fill in the blank) …


Current walk on?

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I agree. Good idea.

Looks like you will end up being right.

Ah yes, your math is indeed correct.