2 Big time DE for next year

Chavis is going to have a lot of fun with Sosa and DG next year and he is going to have a corner and maybe 2 that can man you up on the outside… If those corners can hold their own, that defense is going to be rocking next year, especially with those 2 DE creating pressure…

Agreed. D. should be much improved.

Looking forward to seeing a GOOD defense next year.

The biggest reason the D will be improved next year will be the return of Ryan Pulley. The improved play of Curl from the experience he gained last year is also going to help, but if Pulley had not gotten hurt I truly believe the Hogs win three more games last year.

The 2 DE’s are going to draw double teams that will free up our interior Dline. This will make our interior guys more productive.

This is my attempt at guessing the August Defense. Of course, Spring will help but we won’t have D Gerald here for spring.

Defense Guess?

DE- Agim, Guidry, G Richardson
DT- TJ Smith, Marshall
NT- Capps, Watts, Ferrell
DE- Gerald, Bell, M Taylor

WLB- Greenlaw, Walker, LaFrance
MLB- Scoota Harris, Fischer, Morgan
SLB – Ramsey, Jean-Baptiste

CB- Pulley, Calloway
CB- Curl, Tutt, Curtis

SS- Ramirez, Foucha
FS- Buster Brown, Mason

Can’t double team both of them, if they want to 2 back in the back field or 2 TE that only means that their offense is not going to be full strength…

Pulley can hold his own, I just hope Curl will be ready to play this year… His freshman year he had ups and down which is understandable but I’m sure he will be much approved…

I agree with ya. It will be interesting to see how our Dline performs with 2 great DE’s, but I am even more intrigued with aggressive blitz packages. We have not had an aggressive blitz package that was used often in years. Our last best defense was Flowers at DE and Philon at DT, and Spaight at LB.

I thought this all year as well. One lock down corner, which he appeared to be shaping into in 2016, changes things on defense.

Let’s pump the brakes a little bit here.

Really hard for a JC to come in and start. Especially one that misses all of the spring practice.

Hope he has an impact later in the year and gets rolling next.

In my mind, I believe we have added six players to
the defense that are four-star level and I am optimistic
that with an attacking defensive mode of play we
will be markedly better on that side of the ball.

I’m really really hoping the D is much improved and believe it will be to some extent. The talent is there on the 1st string, depth is still an issue unless some newbies and/or some redshirts step up big time. Or the light comes on for some others.
Chavis had enough talent at aTm also, but that D wasn’t so ferocious either & gave up a lot of yards and points.

That kid is going to get every chance to come out and start the first game… This is not last year when the best players sits the bench and then comes in after everybody including the walk-ons get a chance…

We redshirted 13 players last year. As adge stated, we added 6 studs signees on Def that can add solid depth by mid season. Dorian Gerald is the kind of player that you sign knowing he can compete for a starting DE spot.