2 Arkansas signees selected as McDonald’s All Americans


I am disappointed Blocker did not make it. I thought he would make it and Auburn signed Aden Holloway won’t. Well, exactly the opposite happened. Of course I was going by 247 rankings.

Baye Fall highlights…needs to put on weight but has a ton of potential.

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Bronny James😒

no, didn’t deserve his selection

only selected becuz of daddy

Blocker is 1000x the player Bronny is

Layden was completely ripped off; totally disrespected; he’s a McD AA in my eyes; I’ve seen him play enough times


Bronny James is not worthy of being a McDonald’s AA. Complete nepotism got him the nod. Blocker killed him when they went head to head, but whatever.
I wouldn’t want Bronny James under any circumstances. Just wish he was going to Kentucky.

Have you seen Bronny play? Or are you going by that one clip where Blocker posterized him?

I have watched Layden plenty but have not seen Bronny, so have no idea who is better. I have seen discussion on Twitter where some claimed Bronny is a better shooter.

On the other hand, I have watched Aden Holloway and am surprised he got picked and Layden didn’t. .

Seen Bronny a couple times. Very good player. But not Mickey D’s worthy. Got NBA talent. Will play in the league. But he’s not his father. Not even close.

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Yes, and he is a 4 star at best.

Blocker is worthy of a McD AA roster spot. James Jr isn’t. Doesn’t matter. I know what we got with Layden. Hog fans will love him.

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Fall is averaging 16.3 points on 48.1 percent shooting from the field while making 82.5 percent of his free throws to go along with 8.9 rebounds and 1.9 blocked shots.

Very impressive FT shooting from a big.


He has the reputation of being a defensive player or at least he was at one time but when you look at his videos that I posted the other night he has a lot of potential offensively that little jump hook he’s got is going to be tough to stop and he had a nice little turnaround jumper. I think if he puts on about 20 pounds he can be a force

Researching this, Blocker is rated a 4 star by ESPN, Rivals and 247. However, he is a 247 composite 5 star. I remember one other service (probably On3Sports) rated him a 5 star. That maybe the reason he is a composite 5 star. But regardless, that means he is not a consensus 5 star.

So my immediate reaction was that is why he was not selected. But scanning the selection, besides Bronny, there are others like Auburn signee Aden Holloway who are only 4 stars. So, not sure what the selection criterion is. Seems it is like the selection process for the NCAAT.

Man, I really hope Muss brings in some older, grown men that can shoot next season!! High school bodies with high school experience going against a team of handpicked, proven, developed older, college players isn’t great.