2 and 4

11-4, 2-4 11-4, 2-4 11-4, 2-4 11-4. That’s fun to say…

Yepper. 2-4. 11-4, trending UP !!!

We have an excellent coach who is a smart guy. He gets the best from his talent. At least he has shown that in his two years as our coach. I thought we looked tired that first half, and was concerned, but we just clamped down on defense that 2nd half and pulled away. The 2 freshman, Devo and Williams are providing nice play and have really helped make this team better down the stretch.

Jhang…totally agree.

By my count, only one other time in our history have the Hogs won 9 consecutive SEC games.

10 and that Hogs team was pretty salty.

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