2-0, So Close to 0-2

We are now 2-0 on 4 points and two missed field goals. Amazing the difference that makes in feelings and outlook. We really came extrememly close to losing both of those games, but somehow didn’t. That can do a lot of good things for a team. They somehow found a way to win.

How good are the two teams we beat? I don’t know yet. I think TCU is pretty good. I really like their speed. All will be played out over the next few weeks.

I think the 2 Ws which probably should be and certainly could be 2 Ls says a lot about the charactor of the team. We hear lot about that, but there is something to it. The Hogs are somehow 2-0 against two pretty goood to very good teams while breaking in a new, rebulit Oline and a shakey, but improving, secondary.

Better hang on for a wild ride. Anything can happen this year and it most certainly will.

The 2006 Hogs not only got stomped by USC in week one, but they barely eked out wins in the next three games. Get to October with a good record, who knows what can happen then.

The key is to get better every week. I do think there are many areas in which this team can get better.

…finding a way to win the close games both on the road and at home. We even found a way to win the MissState game and let a "fluke brain fart blocking mistake "allow the winning field goal to be blocked. (Can anyone remember a lineman being unblocked on a field goal or extra point getting to the ball just as it comes off the kicker’s foot anywhere else…ever!!! Blockers get shoved back so a tall guy like Skipper or a tall jumping jack like Sprinkle can block it at the line or a speed back slips by the outside blocker to layout and deflect it but an unblocked lineman…it just doesn’t happen except to us. I digress.)

We could have easily lost the Auburn, Ole Miss, LaTech, and TCU games like we did Toledo and A&M last year but we didn’t. We made more plays than they did and that is a very positive trend for this team. They did not cave late in the game and in overtime at TCU BECAUSE they had already won @ Tenn, @ OleMiss, @ Baton Rouge, etc. They left the failures against Toledo and A&M behind them. This team is mentally tough and will be very hard to beat in any close game. I like it!

I’m not sure I agree that we “probably should have lost both games”. As another poster pointed out, there are breaks in football and mostly you make your own. We did that. And what excited me the most is that we all know we are slow starters and better at finishing. So we should get better every week based upon history with current coaching staff.

Looking back at prior years it seems like we really start hitting stride around week 5 and 6. I think the way we won these two games against better competition leads me to believe we will be better prepared and ramp up faster. This week we will show nothing as we should and I truly believe we are going to look great against A-n-M.

One thing I agree with OP is it going to be a wild ride and I do hope we keep catching breaks as we improve each week. We will need them all and I won’t apologize for one of them. Even if we play wonderful in a game against our competition we could end up on wrong side. So wild ride with grateful breaks. Wild ride with grateful breaks! Wild ride with GRATEFUL BREAKS!

AA better start looking around for someone other than DM. Good teams will take that pass away and force him to look over the field which will tell me if he is ready or still too green. And our offense has to score a TD when are in the red zone. Offenses are too good now days to just put 3 up on the board.

The TD passes to Sprinkle and Hatcher make me think AA can throw to more than Morgan. At this point, Morgan is making plays and it is logical to look for him a little more than the others. Enos knows a little about getting the QB to work through the progressions to find the “open” man, not just focus on one. I think he can handle this. :smiley:

Morgan has 12 catches, which is less than one-third of our total receptions. Eight different receivers in all. I think AA is managing to look for other people just fine.

Look, nobody gets through a schedule with nothing but easy games. Even the USC Leinart-Bush juggernaut needed the “Bush Push” to get out of South Bend alive. Not saying we’re going to go 12-0 or anywhere close to it, but if we did, you have to have some of these types of wins. The '64 Hogs had four narrow escapes out of 11 wins.

Every good team has close wins. No one looks dominant every week. The difference between good teams and bad teams is how they finish games. Arkansas has been good in that regard so far.