2-0 Rebnecks, top 1st

Auburn pitcher got first two outs, then three straight hits.

Elko is a hitting machine.

Ole Miss’ Kevin Graham goes oppo taco in the top of the 3rd, 3-0.

I hope Auburn can come back and make Ole Miss use their bull pen.

They are on a roll… getting incredible pitching and very good hitting that’s why they haven’t lost any.

This Rebneck pitcher is the one who beat us Friday night at Baum in April. Then we won the last two games and the series, the first on Diggs’ walk-off homer.

yeah he is throwing the ball well.Elliott is the 1 we will see if this holds up…Tough LH who we saw in game 2… 6 inn 4 hit 3 runs off him.

He won’t be able to pitch Monday. He threw well over 100 pitches and pitches 7 2/3 innings.
I hope Auburn comes back bottom 9 down 5-1.

Elliott is #2 starter for them and he’s been throwing the ball just about as good as this guy has. I love the way we swung the bats today hopefully we can keep it going against the LH

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Me too! The hogs can hit Elliot

We will have to… Mcentire will have his hands full, they have seen some very good pitching lately and still been able to hit it. Both teams are swinging the bat well it will be a great game.

Yes sir. I had hoped SO Miss would beat Ole Miss but that sure failed to happen. I’m hoping for a hogs win!

Southern Miss just couldn’t get any hits they have 2 great pictures but they just couldn’t score Ole Miss is throwing the ball well

Yes And they have Elmo! Shut Elko down and that’s half the battle to beat them.

The big kid behind Elmo is very dangerous a lot of power, they have some good LH hitters too it’s going to be a very tough game. We will have to keep playing at a high level to Win it.

Youdaman if our hogs keep playing defense and hitting the ball I think they can beat any team left! The pitching will need to be spot on.


I agree… excited to see us playing so well just have to keep it up. Still got a lot of work to do.

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