1st weekend

Missouri swept Tennessee. I’ve come to hate Vile baseball, so I’m glad of that. Vandy swept Ole Miss. Always good to see the rebnecks lose. LSU won 2-1 against TAMU.

We lead the west alone. LSU is 2-1, Bama 1-2. TAMU is 1-2. OM, MSU, & Aub are 0=3

Vandy, Mizz, KY, SC are all tied at 3-0 in the east. Fla is 2-1. UGA & TN are 0-3

Big comeback by the Ags, 4 in the bottom of the 8th.

Tony V must not be too happy. :sunglasses:

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That makes me happy.


Right into the FIRE we jump, Baton Rouge coming weekend. Looks like all 3 games on the Network.


I was reading on here that LSU was so good that there is no way could ever lose and there was no use in us even going to red stick.

Guess they can lose.


If the hogs starting pitching is solid like this weekend the hogs have a shot to win. It will be hostile and loud. I’m looking forward to watching play ball!

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I’m suspecting winning 2 of 3 in College Station this season is a pretty good w/e for the Tigers. On the other hand, the temperatures were so bad for the Hogs that anything could have happened. However, the good did. 3-0 for the Hogs was a great start.

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