1st time this year I’ve watched App St

Gotta say I like his offense, got some stones going for 2-4th down plays and has put 21 up in the 1st quarter

Man can coach…

My daughter goes to App and I have been to their win over North Carolina and South Carolina. They are fun to watch and play hard through out the game.

One note most of these players were recruited by the previous coach who went to Louisville.

Drink is a good young coach. But he’s not ready for the SEC.

He’s winning with a well oiled machine, and not his players.

I’d prefer him to absolute HC coaching unknowns in Lunney and Pittman.

He’s on BC’s short list and is considered a rising star. That adjective can’t be applied to Barry or Sam.

I agree

I think right now I will take him over the other options I’m still hearing we are in on

Drink’s offense is going through La-La like a hot knife through buttah.

Here’s food for thought. Clemson and App State both played UNC in Chapel Hill, back to back weeks. Clemson won by 1. App State won by 3, gained more yards and scored more points.

I don’t know if it’s Drink. But we could do a lot worse.

Yes we can and might!

His offense looks good. No question.

They are obviously better and more talented than UL.

True but Drinkwitz has moved App St 30 points in the recruiting rankings so has them headed in the right direction.

Appears he can install more than 30% of the offense in one season .

Upgrade !


I didn’t know that was even a reasonable expectation ??

Both the offense and the defense for App State have played well.

Defense seemed to take the second half off but App State held on to win.

Yeah, about the time I posted that, things changed.

Drinkwitz just managed something Arkansas has never done in 125 years. A 12-win season.

They also beat a Sec team this year, enough said. WPS

APP State was very impressive. Their talent was a lot better than what I was expecting and that offense looked like a Malzahn offense. Drink was aggressive and looked like a confident coach. Team was well coached and did not do anything stupid.

They did give up 38 points. Offense better be good.