1st time I wanted to lose so CBB will go - I can't take it anymore.

1st time I wanted to lose just so CBB will go - I can’t take this anymore. -nm :cry:

I think it had the same effect. We avoid the joke of a loss but the writing is on the wall.

I don’t care how bad it gets, I will never hope for a Hog loss…ever. Change is needed and will come. Better times are ahead.

Yes I think the Coach Bret era ended tonight

I will never hope for a loss by our hogs!

Why I spend my time and money on Razorback things I have to question my judgement. Things have to change!
Here are a few of my issues:

  1. The athletic director -
    -a great builder of facilities, but
    • not good at picking leaders for the athletic team when drives the rest of the athletic programs.
    • Tired of hiring coaches who have issues at there current jobs and looking for a place to bale out to.
    • Two coaching selections
      • Guy who could coach football but was morally and ethically bankrupt.
      • Second guy who had integrity, funny, talks a good game, but is not a great game coach or recruiter for SEC.
  2. The coaching staff -
    -Style of football is of the 20th century not the 21st.
    • QB need to have speed
    • Do not know how or what to recruit for SEC
      -Said he couldn’t keep coaches because of pay. Wondering if it is not CBB why they leave or are let go.
  3. Fans -
    • Realistic expectations -
      We were elite in the 1960s.
      Flashes of greatness in over the next 50.
      We are not even a top 30 team any more - you may disagree but just look at the last 5 years.
    • I heard a resignation from fans on local Ark radio last week, people are resigned the CBB is staying
    • For the Razorback Foundations members, why do you over invest in a product that is substandard.
    • Time to sell the stock in Razorback football until the management changes their business plan.

You realize as AD, Long is in charge of more than just football, correct? He’s made more hires than just Petrino and Bielema.

Embarrassing to watch on TV and listen to the announcers. The look on our fans faces says it all. BB has taken the program to the bottom. Fans are apathetic and won’t show up if this staff remains.

I had the same thought and agree with all of the points you made. But is change inevitable?

we are a laughingstock.

hard to see it within arkansas… but i live outside the state and it is very clear.

the year started with pity… and has now progressed to pure laughter

like when you try so hard to keep from laughing that the effect is like a spring

the only decision is timing

i am very sure that the OP “first time to want to lose”… was not alone among arkansas fans

fans of arkansas can only take so much.
i believe that long and beilema have tapped dry that well of tolerance and optimism