1st NFL Woman HC ?

http://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/2531 … aching-job

Not so fast, From the Cleveland Plain Dealer
https://www.cleveland.com/browns/2018/1 … iver_index

They might be interested in giving her some role in the organization. Head coach? That would be insane.

Coach Rice. Has a bit of a ring to it. Until she starts getting called Jerry.

only the browns could come up with something so stupid!! this kind of mess usually is on April fools! surely they could have not been serious.

Where did she play? Ever start? Ever scrimmage? Ever even on a scout team?

I suppose one can design & call plays, & diagnose weaknesses & strengths in an opponent without ever having played the game, but it just seems stupid to consider hiring anyone who hasn’t played at any level. I guess she could coach a peewee team, but anything above that? Nah.

Well, Chad Morris only played high school football and never beyond that. Of course I guess it counts as playing.

I’d say that counts, but it’s a weakness in his resume’, but he’s also coached at the HS & an asst coach at the college level. Dr. Rice, for all her accomplishments, has nothing to offer as a football coach in my view. However, I can’t think of any football coach I’d want as Sec’y of State, either.

Pat Dye is not going to like it.

Clay - you beat me to it! Ol’ Pat is sitting around right now spewing and wondering if Dr. Rice has ever put her hand in the dirt!

She learned everything from Jeff Long as his understudy on the 1st Playoff Selection Committee.

Well she must have integrity then but a football coach that does not make.

I’m thinking she’s more of a Grantland than a Jerry.