1st Game - The difference

Last night we finally got to see some College Football. There were plenty of first game mistakes, and it was enjoyable for me to watch. Still, to me, the truism of football really showed.

Miami had a very good defense. They had a talented QB who did not play poorly. They had all sorts of fast, good skilled people. Florida tried every way they could to give the game away, but Miami could not except the gift. Why? Because they did not have was an Oline.

I fear we may be in the same boat. I hope not, but you saw what happens to a poor Oline when faced with an SEC front. It is not pretty.

Florida may have a sound team this year; they should always.

But, they had a couple years of recruiting less than ideal QBs and their big bodies of 4 and 5 star linemen couldn’t win the games by themselves.

I’m hopeful that our Oline has improved just enough to enable our skill guys and coaches to eclipse some of the difference this year.