1st 6 min of 2nd half lost this game

Went from 8 up to 4 down with the starters on the floor. Got outscored 20-8. They played with great energy and we lost our defensive intensity. Shouldn’t have needed a score with 1.8 seconds left.

Disappointed, but the last 14 minutes we fought back and nearly and nearly pulled it out. Great game from Desi. His play kept us in the game toward the end.

In my opinion, poor shooting by guys that have no business shooting cost us this game. Quality coaches let their players know their roles if they want to play. There does not seem to be any shooting discipline on this team…or the past teams.

Other than Osabouhien shooting that 3(and I screamed at the tv when he did), who shot shots they shouldn’t have?

Went back and watched the start to the second half today. It took Western Kentucky just 14 possessions to erase an 8-point deficit and take an 8-point lead: http://www.wholehogsports.com/news/2018 … rt-vs-wku/

Gabe had a bad game and took more shots than the 3. He was out of control and when he touched the ball noting good happened in that stretch.
Harris struggled with his shot and when that happened to Jones in a game this year he found other ways to help. Harris missed some easy shots that normally find the net.
It’s simple defense didn’t show up and we were miserable at the free throw line again.

They should take the shot if they are wide open as long as they have shown they can make them in practice and the game is not in the closing stages. If they don’t, would it not make it so much easier to defend this team? Also passing up open shots just hurts the overall offense. You have to keep the defense honest.

It used to irritate the hell out of me when Jimmy Counce would pass up on open 10 footers.

Totally agree.