19th in coaches poll

we dro9pped 9 spots and Ok dropped 10 from top ten losers

and our favorite the Shorhorns dropped out, ditto Hurrycains

There’s no reason to keepworrying about the polls. Next week will take care of that. The question is if the hogs get beat like a drum will they fall completely out of both polls.

That’s about where we belong. We never were a top 10 team

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After week three I thought that was exactly where we belonged. I’d have moved us down because that’s what losses do, but based on performance I’d still be hard pressed to name 12-15 teams that are better than us.


If we play at the level we’ve played through 4 weeks, then there are lots of teams better than that.

If KJ plays as he did the last 10 games last year, and we stay healthy and remember how to use our arms to tackle, and our OC quits being so cute, then I agree with you, it’s hard to think of 15 teams better than we are.


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No way we were a top ten team and A&M proved that. We may be 20. There a lot of teams our equal including A&M which was 20 something. Anything higher than that has to be proven. They have yet to proven anything.

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Are you measuring us against perfection or against other teams?

We struggled against an FCS team and lost to aTm. That is not top 10 worthy.
That’s measuring against other teams and looking at it logically.

We will get there, but we are not there yet.

I didn’t say we are currently worthy of a top 10 ranking. However, after week 3 we had not lost to A&M. We didn’t destroy an FCS team, but mostly we made some unforced errors and still won by 11 against a top FCS team. We had also won fairly handily against Cincy and SC.

A lot of other “top” teams have struggled, too. Bama barely beat a 2 loss Texas. OU lost to KSU. Florida has lost twice.

Like I said, I’d move us out of the top 10, too, but like the voters in the AP and coaches poll, I’d have had us there last week. If that FG against A&M were 6 inches further left, I’d have us there today. I’m still hard pressed to name 15 or so teams better than us. I don’t think A&M is even though they won our game.


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