1994 is irreplacable

I just think we are the Cubs in all major sports. We love our hogs, but all know something will go wrong.

What Nolan did was incredible and likely never happen again in my lifetime.

What Nolan did was incredible. With the system so corrupted now, we will never repeat that.
Same with football. …so corrupted, it’s just not going to happen. Just create more bowls to cover it up. Bowls have become participation ribbons for everyone.

We could in baseball, but it’s very hard, we may never be in the position we were, ever again. Stars were aligned, and in THE drivers seat. THE perfect position to win it. It was ours to lose for sure.
But most are participation ribbon programs. But where we are as a program in baseball, we have the opportunity to maintain that chance. For now.

Irrelevance in basketball after Nolan, and irrelevance in football since the ditch, and the corruption of the sports in general since, we are just not part of the picture or script anymore and you are not going to get ‘let’ back in. To much money involved.