1994 Arkansas Team vs. Kentucky team this year

I watched the Nolan special, “40 Minutes of Hell” on the SEC Network the other night. I was shocked at the talent we had on that team. Corliss, Scotty, Clint McDaniel, Corey Beck, Dwight Stewart, Lee Wilson, Darnell Robinson, Al Dillard and others.

I look at Kentucky this year and think…We would have beaten the Kentucky Wildcats by 20 points. We would manhandle Kentucky the way Kentucky pounded us this year. College basketball has just gone down. It is amazing what the one and done rule has done to the game. The officiating now is a joke.

Something needs to be done. The NBA is watered down and has screwed up college ball.

I hate to bitch and be a downer, but that is true as far as I am concerned.

CBB is the one watered down because of one and dones and early departures. If NBA is watered down, it is because of number of teams in the Association and not because of one and dones. Only the right one and dones are getting a lot of minutes like Karl Anthony Townes. Most of the others who leave early don’t make it to NBA like Qualls or get minimal PT like Portis.

Arkansas 1994 would drill 2017 Kentucky, NC, etc

I’ve not seen a college player this year that could’ve handled the Big Nasty in the post. And once you tried to double Corliss, Scotty would hammer you with his shots from three & mid range. And Beck/McDaniel would make life miserable on the defensive end for the guards at U.K. & UNC. That was a fun team to watch in 94.

That special on Nolan was great. He was young, strong and mean back then. Those players respected and feared him. They were afraid to lose, I think. Corey Beck was interviewed briefly on the show and said he was afraid of the Bear. I don’t blame him. You could almost see the fire coming out of Nolan’s eyes. He was so driven…it was something to see.

That was a special time in the 1990’s for us.

I think both are watered down. CBB due to the one and dones, and the NBA due to the one and dones or two and dones who come in without the experience or polish the player’s used to go in with because of the 3 or 4 years of experience gained in CBB. Only the best of the best of the one and dones are able to go into the NBA and not miss a beat.

Unfortunately, both CBB and the NBA are looking more like AAU ball than the reverse.

It’s not the one and dones all together as much as it’s the promotion of the blue bloods by ESPN and the other major networks. Greed for the fast cash is at an all time high. Schools can’t compete with the myth of Greaseball and him getting players to the NBA. When you start putting some beat downs on the blue bloods you will be able to compete !

The 94 hogs were awesome and yes they were afraid of Nolan. This years Kentucky team would be crushed by our 94 team.
If you consider the talent that Kentucky gets every year they underachieve!

Mike Anderson has rebuilt our hogs and we should be proud of the work that he has done! The future is bright up on the hill!

In what way?

You watch a lot of AAU ball?